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In 2015 I will be celebrating Six Years of writing for this here Blog. That's over 2000 Posts, and although most of them are understandably forgettable, there are a fair few I am justifiably proud of. To make your life easier and to prevent a huge amount of faffing, I've taken the opportunity to gather them all together in one place, for your Reading Pleasure.

Commentary Posts:

Guild Observation and GM Faffage:

Guide Posts:

  • Carry That Weight

    The first in our 'Utterly Cheapass' Guides: ELEVEN BAGS available in game for ABSOLUTELY NO CASH OUTLAY WHATSOEVER (yes, intentional caps :D)

  • The King of Rock and Roll

    Preparing your Character's Banks and Bags after an absence, with the information we have on new storage medium in Warlords.