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The Space Between ::
Surviving from One Expansion to the Next

How to make it to Warlords both fit and ready.

Traditionally, the 'space between' Expansions is when most people stop thinking about the details. Ironically, it's probably the best time during the Warcraft 'life cycle' to be doing just that, because player numbers reduce and items/creatures/zone that are normally heavily farmed become easier to exploit for what you need. I use that word with care, but that's what making the most of your time and effort ultimately boils down to. This space is absolutely the best opportunity to improve your character and bring some depth to your Warcraft experience. If you've arrived here looking for wisdom, I hope that is what you'll find. These Guides are put together by someone with an eye on the details and nearly ten years experience inside the game. That means knowing what's important when you're playing, with a distinct eye on the more casual player.

This is a complete list of the Guides I have produced, publish in chronological order. They also follow a loosely logical sequence, as will hopefully become clear in time:

  • Carry That Weight

    The first in our 'Utterly Cheapass' Guides: ELEVEN BAGS available in game for ABSOLUTELY NO CASH OUTLAY WHATSOEVER (yes, intentional caps :D)
  • Days Go By

    Why you should be running the Celestials and Ordos (if available) EVERY SINGLE WEEK before the Expansion, and how to use the Raid Finder to do so.
  • 1000 Miles

    Quick and Simple ways to farm your Weekly Valor Allocation, using LFR and the Timeless Isle.
  • Easy Meat

    Proof it is infact possiible to do 1000 Valor a week only by doing Dailies. NO REALLY.
  • The King of Rock and Roll

    Preparing your Character's Banks and Bags for the Expansion, with the current knowledge on what is going to change in Warlords.
  • Before We Go

    What should I be considering currently when deciding what to do with my characters in Warcraft?
  • Suitcase Full of Memories (in preparation)

    Putting your Characters 'into storage': when's the right time to pack away a toon, and the checklist of 'Things to Do' before that happens.
  • Free Ride (in preparation)

    A bunch of places to farm for a LOAD OF MOUNTS that are going to be very useful in Warlords.

This Guide will be updated across the Summer of 2014 so CHECK BACK OFTEN.

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