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Just so we're clear... :D

Q: Why don't you introduce yourself?

A: Let's start with the obvious: I'm not a big fan of talking about me, but I understand that people want to know these things, so I'm prepared to be forthcoming, to a point. I'm a Woman first, a Wife and Mother second (two children, eldest son and younger daughter) and a Gamer always. If you want to know the back-story to that, there's a link for it. I've been GM of a Guild on the EU Servers for a very long time, so I come to the game not simply as player but also as an organiser. It gives you a pretty unique perspective on things too, for which I'm very grateful. When I'm not playing I'm one of those Domestic types (I used to be a designing type before the kids were born) who is currently studying for her second degree via the Open University. I'm also hoping I might actually be able to write fiction that people want to read, but it's early days for that.

Q: What classes do you play in Warcraft?

I began my life in Diablo as an Amazon, and the love of standing at the back translated to an unhealthy obsession with Hunters in Warcraft. I have four at L80 or above, and I suspect there might well be a Pandaren Hunter at some point in the future. However, I enjoy playing most classes, especially Druids, Warlocks (even though they are hard) and Mages. I do heal, but I'm not great. I don't get tanking, however, I am not nearly capable enough. My husband is a tank however, and a damn fine one at that.

Q: Why don't you use your character names in posts?

This links with my desire to keep a measure of anonymity in game: not so that I can go off and rant without fear of recrimination, far from it. This is mainly about preserving a measure of privacy when gaming, and having control over who I interact with. Yes, I'm a control freak, but I'm also well aware of the perils of an online life. I started out quite cautiously but I am becoming more confident, and I'll be using the TheGodmother Gamer Tag in other virtual worlds if you really want to track me down. If you're a stalker, you could also find me on the EU Servers without too much effort, because nothing on the Internet is truly anonymous (unless you are Anonymous, but you still might get caught) Consider my lack of exposition as a character quirk, and ask the next question :p

Q: What is this Blog all about, then?

Faffing and rambling, let's be honest. Our Guild was dormant on the raiding front for a while but is now back in 10 Mans (YAY!) and is focussed on the Smart Casual side of the game. This means pets, achievements, gathering, discussing popular culture from the 1960's until now, often inappropriate conversations, gold making, AH speculation and pretty much all points in between. We don't ever take ourselves that seriously, but we don't mess about when it comes to Raiding. You come prepared and ready to work as a team, you're going to go far. We have all current content cleared, and we have flirted briefly with Heroic Modes but frankly, it's not an issue if they don't happen. When I blog therefore all of the above might get an airing. You have been warned.

As of June 2013 there also appears to be some Warcraft Fiction. Don't ask me, it just happened.

Q: Can I ask you a question?

You can ask, but I'm not guaranteeing I'll answer :p Send your stuffs to:

and I'll see what I can do.

Q: Anything else you want to add?

If I think of any good questions to ask myself, I'll add them here over time. Otherwise, I'll say this. Every day is a school day. I'm always learning. I'm often wrong. This is about my experiences, and so might often be quite subjective. I'm not here to intentionally upset anyone, but I do occasionally get a bit grumpy.

Most importantly, if you come here I'll expect you to be decent, fair and reasonable, because you expect the same from me... so play nice.