How To Find A Job In Construction

Jobs in construction are a good thing to aim for when it comes to working and looking for a career, because those types of jobs will always be active and have plenty to accomplish. This field is responsible for houses, commercial buildings, bridges and roads too. Typically, when it comes to construction it’s relatively easy to get hired without having a lot of work experience, they’re willing to hire folks to start in entry-level positions, typically referred to as laborers. So, with that known the key is how can you get a job in this field? There are a few things you can do to help this work for you (with no experience that is).

1. Make a resume that features your strengths and relevant skills. You can go in with no experience and that’s fine, but make sure you put things down such as: Fast learner, pays attention to detail, follows directions. Highlight anything that you can think of that an employer may be looking for. Even with no construction skill you may have abilities that can be used in the field.

2. Use specific words when using online search engines that’ll show you results for which you fit. Don’t just type in “work in construction”, rather feature words such as: General labor or construction labor. Employers often use those terms when looking for unskilled workers so make sure use those terms when looking for work that you fit. These jobs normally consist of cleaning or jobs that have manual work, like unloading work trucks for example. This start may seem small or menial, but the key is that you can gain experience and advance in the field as time goes on.

3. Use a temporary-help agency to apply to construction work. Temporary-help jobs typically are short-term in nature, so you can gain quite a bit of valuable experience while you work under a variety of experienced workers.

4. Take advantage of apprenticeship programs. These types of programs, such as ones found on the Apprenticeship USA website, offers class experience with construction as well as hands-on training. These can take anywhere from two to four years. They teach basic skills in construction that vary greatly, from operating tools correctly to reading blueprints.

5. Nail the interview. Before you get the job, per the usual in the work field, you’ll (likely) have to have an interview. First impressions are everything at this point. Make it count. Be confident, be professional. Make sure you’re clear on your points when speaking to the interviewer, wear attire that’s professional, make sure you stand out. There’ll be folks who won’t dress as well as you or may not have the confidence, so make sure you stand out against the others by doing this.

6. As a bonus point to this post, something to keep in mind is that in construction, heavy lifting is very common, as is operating equipment that can test your body strength. So, you want to make sure you’re in shape enough to lift heavy items and things of that nature. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself so you can last out in the field if/when you get a job.

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