8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Las Vegas

The fact that Las Vegas is synonymous with gambling and the casino lifestyle is no big secret, of course. What many might NOT realize though is that it is also great for OTHER things as well. Here are 8 reasons why you SHOULD visit Las Vegas if you’re up for it, that is…

Ok, yes…go for the gambling

Trying to create a list that doesn’t mention that fact that Vegas is an internationally-renowned gambling-mecca is pure lunacy. If you’re in the mood to lay down a bet or two there’s probably no better place to do it. The city has also refined its overall scope and tone to visitors too, fast becoming something of a family-friendly place to relax in. This exists in stark contrast with its historic past, of course, which the more adventurous will no doubt be interested in.

Great restaurants

For whatever reason the food in Las Vegas just seems to be really good, there are all sorts of reviews and accolades on the internet to prove it too. Moreover, there’s an extremely wide variety of eats to choose from as well. From the finest French cuisine to more conventional fare, there’s always something good, new and interesting to try. For a quick overview of all the most lauded and popular eateries, check out this link.

Excellent Museums

If you’re the type of traveler who really enjoys museums, those classic attractions that are often educational and uniquely enjoyable, then you’re in for a treat because LV is known for theirs.   These aren’t just your standard run-of-the-mill offerings, either. They have very singular examples, like the National Atomic Testing Museum or perhaps Madame Tussauds’ Wax Museum, among others… You can also add an impressive roster of galleries to that as well, which the astute mind will undoubtedly want to soak in and explore.

It’s a fairly affordable holiday destination

Compared with what’s there vs. the cost, Las Vegas is something of a bargain. It’s often advertised that hotel rates are insanely low or that getting there isn’t all that expensive, for example, but many other things are also within budget there as well. In fact, assuming that you’re NOT planning on gambling or hitting the casinos in full stride, you can even expand your dollar even further.

Nature lovers have lots to check out and explore

Outdoor lovers and people who just can’t get enough of nature will also find all sorts of great parks and attractions in the areas surrounding Vegas. Most will probably want to head over to Red Rock Canyon or perhaps the Grand Canyon is more your speed? If that’s not enough there are all sorts of hands-on things to do like kayaking, hiking, cycling, etc. The sky’s the limit and it is a big sky indeed. Sporting enthusiasts will likely also jump at the chance to tee off at Angel Park, which features some of the best golfing around.

Glitter Gulch / Fremont Street

When one thinks of flashy, trendy or downright “in your face” touristy hotspots, Glitter Gulch and Fremont Street certainly spring to mind. It’s basically all about entertainment and gaming / gambling (there are also lots of other things to do there as well, which again requires a redirect back up to the restaurant section of this article). It’s located in the heart of the city and is named after explorer John Charles Frémont. Ostensibly, it contained what was the original heart and soul of Las Vegas, where many of the classic casinos stood such as the:

  • Golden Nugget
  • The Mint
  • Eldorado Club
  • Fremont Hotel and Casino
  • The Pioneer Club
  • Binion’s Horseshoe
  • Golden Gate Hotel and Casino

Concerts and special shows

While it might have become something of a target for many critics of the entertainment industry and showbiz in general, there are lots of truly great shows and concerts taking place in LV on a daily basis. In fact, there are presentations here that you really aren’t going to find anywhere else in the world. To learn more and/or study things in greater detail, check out this link. Many people like to catch Cirque du Soleil for instance, which is a permanent installation in Vegas.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

Lastly, consider the motto “what happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” and let your mind fill in the rest of the details. We’re talking about a place which has basically served as America’s favorite playground escape destination for decades here. Of course in recent times it has opened up to become a target for international travelers, vacationers and merry-makers the world over. All things considered, Las Vegas is the place you go when you really want to let your hair down and (dare we say it?) go “wild”…

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