Saturday, February 22, 2014

Games Without Frontiers

Warlords Spoilers. General relevance.

It is quite rare on a Saturday to wake up and discover some controversy. Turning up at the PC this morning therefore was roughly akin to getting the Holidays around again. I can eat that second Christmas Pudding in a bit...

Now, these are technically Warlords Spoilers, I suppose, but actually the significance of this post by WatcherDev (as the result of an interview conducted in France with Brian Holinka) cannot reasonably be understated. So, assuming you actually READ the blue text, you'll know that, if you want to do a RANDOM 5 Man Heroic in Draenor, you'll need a Silver Award from the (I assume updated) Proving Grounds to do so. Notice the word RANDOM there, because if you make your own group or go with a Guild there is no such requirement. This, it appears, is Blizzard applying a rudimentary gating mechanic to a portion of 5 Man Content. Also be aware that you won't need it to run LFR, and that's probably more crucial. If you were one of those people who was demanding freshly-made 90's had an Acid Test to skill, here it is. What does it mean however for the wider world of Warcraft?

Well, in the first instance, it means zero to anyone Guilded, or anyone who runs with a regular group of Friends. This is nothing to you, except perhaps a salutary warning that Heroics won't involve you chain pulling everything and picking up the spoils to DE. What it might have the POTENTIAL to do is to rip certain Guilds apart when it becomes apparent that people need to pull their weight, will not be able to be carried and will be expected to make an effort. This however isn't anything to do with Blizzard, this is a man management problem. Needless to say, this is a potential flashpoint that I'm already mindful of. People WILL need to turn up and be counted. There's a massive blog post in that one statement as well, and I can already see people using this as a stick to beat Blizzard with. Sad really, when so many people have demanded they make players responsible for their own abilities to begin with.

There are, of course, potential consequences of this in the larger scheme of things. I can see Blizzard adding a toggle to Raid Leaders interfaces for PUGs to filter those who have a Silver Award and those who don't. I can see High End Groups asking for Proving Ground competence if the system bears out to be a decent test of EVERY CLASSES ABILITY. The question then becomes, would Blizzard ever demand such a test for LFR? Having now specified four distinct difficulties for End Game, are they ever going to impose some kind of entry criteria to restrict it? Maybe the plan isn't to have that working this way, at least not this time around. What if the rewards in 5 man heroics actually made you WANT to work for them and gave you a reason to do so?

What if Warlords Heroic 5 Man gear were a better iLevel than LFG but not as good as Flex?

Garrosh and Thrall get down to business.

Now as I open this enormous can of worms, the consequences of making this statement are not lost on me. People still get to see end game in what could easily be considered as 'Tourist Mode'. No-one misses out on the 'big' content, but if you actually want to work and do the harder levels of content (which is the SAME BACKDROP, just harder fights) you need to prove your ability along the way. This is the key to all this: the same set dressing, and mobs all exist for EVERYONE to play with. Absolutely nobody is excluded from this, there's no restrictions. In fact the 'Warcraft as a Play' analogy is pretty sound. Imagine LFR as a performance, that happens over and over again. the only difference is how hard the actors are to interact with. In LFR you need do very little, in Mythic you must do so much more, but the story remains the same, the players pretty much unchanging [*] If you simply want to see the story you can just run the normal difficulty of everything and you get it, regardless. If your interest is in your costume first, then you may have to do some work to ensure you can attend the version of the performance you want. The key, however, is that no-one gets excluded from the action.

They really don't.

This is the absolute key factor here that people will fail to see because they're allowing personal considerations to affect their viewpoint. Blizzard have imposed what is NOT an arbitrary restriction, it is a means to test ability based on what they know is difficulty. It will confuse people because, at least since TBC, no-one's had to worry about five mans, but GUESS WHAT loads of people asked if we could go back to that level because it was cool and people had to work and so when Blizzard do what people ask... see, that's the other factor here. When you ask for something, don't be surprised when you get it from a company like Blizzard. When you DO get it, perhaps consider WHY before you start decrying the decision as unsound. There are precedents for this. Never forget that your choice may not be the only one, or indeed the best one. Also remember what might happen if you 'cry wolf ' once too often.

Yet again, I am duty-bound to remind you that this is Beta stuff, and it may never even make it to live, so all of this postulation could yet be completely academic.

I for one really hope this idea stays in.


[*] Alganon, Ra-den are rewards for the very best players. But they are just that. Consider them Special Edition items that don't screw up the plotline if you don't see them :P

Friday, February 21, 2014

[SPOILERS] Die Another Day

So, to check if this system works, I've written a post on the 'other' site concerning the Spoiler that appears in the latest MMO Champion Post. If you wish to read it, click on this link:

Yes, if you click on it, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. Can't say fairer than that.

See you there :D

Deeper Underground

Attack of the 50 Foot DWARVEN WOMEN

Yes, it is ACTUALLY REAL. The Expansion IS COMING.

It was pointed out to me that back in November I was happily predicting we'd have a Beta before Christmas *cough* and look where that got us. Here we are, at just past the middle of February, and this is the closest we've been for some time to actually having something to poke at with sticks. People have played the opening zone of Warlords and there's already some idea of what we might expect, and I can tell you that if you don't like Spoilers, it might actually be time to go and lock yourself away in the padded bunker for a bit. It appears that we're getting something pretty honking huge before we've even left the opening zone as Alliance, and when I say that, I do actually mean it.

The gloves are most definitely off for this Expansion from the word GO.

This is also the moment to give you good people a heads up on how this site will be dealing with spoilers from this point onwards. As it appears simply doing the entire 'black text on black background' thing is largely redundant for Mobile users, I've had a play today with various possibilities, and all require me to be a full time HTML/web designer to pull off successfully. So, instead I have thought outside the box, and a new site has been born:

Don't say I didn't warn you ^^

I have created a separate site where all my Spoilery Ramblings [TM] will be housed, and I'll ask people to go there via link once things are posted. It's not ideal, but it will do.

Should I be spectacularly lucky and get a Beta Invite... well, let's not tempt fate for now, shall we?


Needless to say, once I've dragged myself away from the screen watching the animated Dwarf spin round in 360% glory... there might actually be some comment. Plus, it is Podcast Day... :D

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dancing with Myself

SELF PROMOTION. No-one else's gonna do it ^^

Last night, I took an early night and did something I very rarely do. I read my own work, and realised that actually, I'm not that bad at all. Self promotion's one of the aspects of this whole shebang I'm woefully inadequate at, but if I want to write I gotta get myself 'out here' from time to time and show off the goods. I'm hoping to FINALLY get my proper fiction site up and running for the beginning of March and with that in mind, I thought it was time I reminded people that I write Warcraft Fiction and it's all gathered in one place on the site.

In fact, here's a special link to my page.

That wasn't too bad. For those of you who care about these things, the 'original' piece that inspired this entire thing is going to be rejigged a little bit in the next few weeks, and there is one (possibly two) new pieces of fiction 'in the works' as I type. Needless to say, this appears to be a Work in Progress, so checking back often's probably going to be an idea.

Self-promotion over. Carry on.

Talk Talk

Pandaria as a Graphic. Possibly.

This is a little off piste, even for me, but bear with me. I'll do my best to make it worth it.

Yesterday, I blocked my first follower on Twitter. This is hardly news, but it has made me consider the notion of how we use networking in game and how communication is becoming often more important than the actual business of playing. After all, if you want to include as many people as possible in your raid team or event, that means casting your net as wide as conceivably possible for potential recruits or participants. It also means considering a far deeper range of considerations apart from just yours to make your project work to it's best advantage. Despite the nature of the graphic above, I'm not about to start getting all marketing strategy on you, but there are elements from the workplace that you could probably transcribe here without too much of a problem. Stuff from the Real World works in Warcraft too. My point this morning is that the last resort shouldn't be your first call, because once you've engaged Defcon 1... there's nowhere else to go.

That's a bit of a problem if your decision turns out to be the wrong one.

Dad only has one leg. TAKE THE TREAT.

I've lost count of the number of people I've put on ignore in game: seriously hundreds of random people who I've (seemingly) never met before have been willingly silenced. My problem is simple: if you do something stupid or attack other people, I don't hold it in, I'll say so, and this is often without what some might consider the appropriate amount of tact and diplomacy that should accompany such outbursts. I am, to all intent and purposes, a right mouthy cow [*] However, when it comes to Social Networking, I will go out of my way not to do that unless I have a very good reason, or if it does happen unintentionally, it's normally as a result of a misunderstanding. I'm not sure at what point I made a distinction about not worrying what happens in-game, but I've done a lot in the last few months to try and rationalise my behaviour everywhere. Consistency is a thing, and I don't think I can try and pretend to be standing here and representing an acceptable stance unless I am doing the job properly. What was it my Nanna used to say? Treat everyone the way you want to be treated yourself?

It's a fair point.

When therefore you ask someone nicely to stop doing something and they continue to do that, you can choose to ignore them and often that works just fine. However, when what they do impacts on lots of other people and your actions are capable of stopping that inconvenience for everyone, then there are other things to consider. So, the person that I blocked yesterday is now unable to fill hundreds of other people's Twitter feeds with a constant repetition of what I say. I'm betting some marketers would pay good money to get people to do just that, reminding me that all publicity is good, but the problem is that more and more that's just not true. With the speed at which some sections of the Internet evolve, the 'traditional' views of advertising and promotion simply don't hold up under increasing scrutiny. The trick isn't to apply the same techniques everywhere, it is to understand your markets, and what works for one group won't wear elsewhere. In the end, people want to hear your voice, and if they don't, they can and will walk away. Controlling what you do isn't simply about watching your words, it also involves understanding what other people can do with them.

There's also may ways to be read without you being aware that's the case. Privacy is a 'thing' after all, and it is often far harder than you realise to control what gets seen. As a rule of thumb, on the Internets, only one thing is really true. What's yours has the *potential* to be everyone else's, unless you have an awful lot of security and backup to protect you. If you make it public, be prepared to stand by everything, and if you make it private, understand that word isn't as rigid a definition as perhaps you might think it is.

It's not paranoia, it's the future.

Get in, get out, get rich.

Social Media seems to be becoming the defacto tool for smart marketing, and I'm not just talking Twitter, that will be ANY online hangout where a target audience happens to be congregating. Reddit, Tumblr, Twitch, whatever the next Big Thing might be, and you can be assured that if the people that matter are keeping their eyes on things, these places matter. You'll also want to be watching what data you share with people just as you should on behemoths like Facebook. So, learning how to use these places not simply as a place to share puppy pictures and swap recipe tips might be a plan. For antisocial beasts like me, it's often like swimming with sharks, but some days it has its benefits. Being able to decide who you want to talk to is cool, as is being able to control who takes part. However sometimes the only way you ever make progress yourself is to step outside the comfort zone and face the unknown. If you're going to preach the Gospel of Communication for all, remember that has consequences not simply for the people listening, but more importantly for what you say.

I've made some mistakes in my five years. The ones I know were unintentional I did my best to correct, and that includes making sure I publicly apologise where needed, and often privately apologising when I could simply walk away. It may make no difference to some, but in the end if I feel I did absolutely the best I could under the circumstances, it does matter, because this isn't just about doing the right thing, it's also about learning from your mistakes. There are those who will tell you all that matters are the people that stay, not the ones that leave, and that you should focus on the positives and they are absolutely right, to a point. You are never as good as you think you are, and there is ALWAYS room for improvement. There is always a way back from the Last Resort, if you're prepared to sacrifice something to obtain it. If you open your mouth and want to be heard, your words will be your judge.

Always speak responsibly. [**]


[*] Actual expression of abuse carried with me over many years to remind me I am like this and I need to think before I open said orifice.
[**] The value of your opinion may go down as well as up. Caution, content is hot.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This Week I Will be Mostly :: Charge

I am doing something right. GO ME.

This week's been... well, odd.

I've not done anything new, truth be told, than I did last week. I still don't have a Love Rocket. I'm still faffing in high gear. However, I feel FAR happier about this than I have for quite some time, even if I am actually no further forward in my planned aspirations. What's changed this week is the understanding that actually, its okay to not get it all done. There's no prize for being Britain's Top Faffer, the only reason I do all of this is for my own gaming satisfaction, and if that's not happening, there really isn't a point. Plus I've had to do twice as many podcasts this week as I would normally do. Trust me, they may only be five minutes long but some days they can take HOURS to produce, and when you're a perfectionist...

Anyway. Patch time. Getting weapons from the Timeless Isle is now a worthwhile endeavour, especially with my drop luck in LFR. Not really interested in the PvP Stuff right now but that might change on a whim, you know me. So what else is there?

Need the Broken as a Playable Race? DISCUSS.

P picked up the Broken Questline from Serpentshrine Cavern on her last trip there, and as a result I got to go kill A'lar in Tempest Keep this week. Every time I see a mog on another character skin and it looks good, I am reassured that I've made the right choices with the pieces I selected. It's all part of my constantly evolving validation process.

Rollin' with the Homies...

When I wasn't dragging butts through LFR, and finding ways to entertain myself whilst waiting for tanks (see above), I was considering one of my own. My son, who is 13, came on his first Flex Run last Saturday and I am very grateful for everyone in the Guild for accommodating him. He's now obtained a full set of tanking gear and looks like he has the making of a very decent meatshield, and I have been shamed into the realisation that maybe it is time to give this skill another chance. With the possibility of a free L90 probably available Soon (TM) I am thinking now either Warrior or DK. Whatever happens, both are likely to be Male Gnomes. JUST BECAUSE.

Tanking ON A MOUNT? Impressive!

You can rest assured that this week will likely be exactly as last week was, trying to do things, largely failing, but the key difference will be attempting not to get stressed as a result. Because, frankly, life is too short for petty grudges, overreacting and sweating the small stuff. That's why I'll be over here with a cuppa, moving forward.

Assuming of course the queue time isn't too long ^^

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Money for Nothing

As a Blogger, you aren't tied by the same rules that often restrict other news sites. You don't have a party line to tow or a popular opinion to back. When something happens out of left field, as has been the case in the last few hours, there is a temptation to react but at the same time the understanding that the nature of the news is constant and ever changing as you do. It's hard to find the right words... that is, until someone else comes along and does the job so perfectly and brilliantly there's actually no need for you to say anything else.

Fortunately for me, that happened about 15 minutes ago.

That's really all I have to say now too, and I suspect my feelings won't change however expensive Blizzard price the Boosts in the EU.

Thanks Matthew. I owe you one.

Bohemian Like You

Unlikely to get likes for this? I'd say so.

It has occasionally been said of me that I like to court controversy by being deliberately provocative. In answer to the Wow Insider Breakfast Topic for yesterday, for instance, when I sat with a cuppa and considered what I'd miss from Pandaria, there was staring at the screen for quite some time before finally a realisation that actually, I really won't miss anything at all. Not the clouds or the music or the NPC's or the Rares or the lack of Dailies or Cho or the Horde being the baddies... none of it will matter the day Warlords appears. Ironically, as a result of that, having a favourite anything at this point doesn't have a real relevance either, which is odd, especially as it appears to be my job to write about exactly that on a daily basis, something I've done now for some time. The WI Breakfast Topic is often a deliberately 'fluffy' means of generating conversation, and I certainly didn't stick those six line up in order to start a fight. I wrote that because as I sit here now, it's true.

I don't want to be here anymore. It is time to go, and not for all the reasons you may think.

What we leave behind.

Pandaria has caused the most internal conflict for me of any expansion that has preceded it. As it transpires, this has made me more creative than at any point in my life, and for that I am never going to be anything but grateful, but in terms of entertainment, it's been a lot of feast then famine, pretty much with a stopwatch for accompaniment. Yes, the story-lines have engaged me, I've ground my rep and completed my cutscenes, but once it was finished on my main that was pretty much where the story ended, and that is a change from the times that have preceded. Even the lure of FREE GOLD FROM QUESTING at 90 has not been enough this time around, and I've found increasingly creative means to get alts to max whilst avoiding any or all narratives that are there for just that reason. Ironically, even the process of trying to streamline that task by only questing what I needed to level has failed. For the first time since the game launched, I don't want to indulge in current content any more. There is just no point.

It just depresses me too much, and I don't have the time.

What Pandaria ultimately succeeded with beyond a shadow of doubt was choice. This Expansion will be remembered as the one that gave the decisions back to the player, after a dustup in the Jade Forest that ended up as inevitable without our intervention, and the understanding that however attractive you make linear content, it's still just that. The successes are notable: the treasure hunting, rare tapping, creativity with professions, and what has undoubtedly emerged from the desire which most still maintain, that however we do things, as long as there's something rewarding at the end, we're happy. However, the days of invested time have been wrung out to dry: no longer can you afford to do everything and maintain an equilibrium, and this is an important factor to place in your understanding of 'play time'. The paradigm of choice has been returned to the lap of the player, and the decisions people have had to make have often been painfully stark. When Warcraft News sites give players articles on time management, it's time to acknowledge the goal posts have moved.

Sure, there are those who still have a ton of alts levelled, but that's now a distinct play-style choice, as is indeed everything else. You have the decisions to make, and yes there's still a metric shedload of content out there to do if you're at a loss, but missing playing IN Pandaria? Really, not so much at all. Pandaria as a backdrop? Certainly, an accompaniment to farming or goldmaking. But liking it here? No. Missing stuff? Sorry, but when you raced me through content so fast I couldn't do it all with the promise I'd get an Expansion quickly at the end? I had to make decisions based on what I thought was the goal to give me no free time at the end to draw breath because we'd be off to the next place lickety spit. And now, we've stopped, and I don't want to go back so much, I just want to go forward and start again, because we're getting a clean slate and maybe this time I can do more of what I want and go back when I outgear the old content. This Expansion is the relationship I tried to make work and it just doesn't and now I am polite to it out of necessity, because it is family and I don't want to rock the boat and cause a scene. I don't love it or hate it, and I know it demands a level of respect that is borne from both age and tradition.

This Expansion is, in effect, is my sister in law [*]

It's a pile of mobs.

Of course, no-one makes me do anything at all, so blaming Blizzard for this malaise is, well, what people do in these situations. I am being by this article the very thing that I bemoan on a daily basis: that person, the one who is never happy with the situation as it stands. However, I AM happy: go look at the last year's worth of posts and you'll see that every time I've hit a wall I've picked myself up and moved on. So, then, why when asked what I'll miss about Pandaria did I feel the need to reply the way I did, when it is patently obvious this entire endeavour screams to the contrary?

Mostly, it's because Pandaria's not going anywhere.

Most fun at 4am FOR SOME TIME. OFFICIAL.

At 4am on Monday morning I got up to do a Podcast to talk about how much I love this game, which is pretty much an affirmation that I'm here for the long haul. I'm not sitting here and talking about it for my health, I'm certainly not getting rich and famous of the back of that either. What I am doing however is constantly challenging myself and my view of the world using this game as a magnifying glass. It is not the be all and end all of my existence by some way, but I have a certain amount of my heart invested in it. There are those who would say that this isn't enough, that I have to enjoy the game to play it, that the friends and relationships that tie me to the pixels shouldn't be what keeps me here. That's what gaming is about, an experience and not a relationship. So what has all of this to do with the Twisted Nether Blogcast, I hear you ask? They asked me a question at the end of their interview which I could not answer, and for one reason it underpins all of what I have written here.

They asked me what my best moment in or relating to the game has ever been.

See, the thing is, there's been absolutely LOADS of fabulous moments, and I'm not done yet. There are undoubtedly awesome events still to come too, because every opportunity has the potential to be amazing and THE BEST EVER EU. Even though I haven't really enjoyed Pandaria it's not stopped me being capable of grasping that this is part of a whole, that this game is something quite different from anything else out there I could be playing. Mr Friedman puts it far better than I ever could, so I'll let him say it for me:

Take a look at the place you call your home,
You're reflected in all the things you own,
And the seeds of reason you have sown,
They're a measure of a part of you that's already grown.

This is my home, and the ultimate irony is that when there's been legitimate excuses to leave this Expansion I've always found a reason to stay. In my heart I can still be unhappy with what Pandaria has given me but can see the benefits it has created elsewhere, not simply in the friendships I have made but the choices I have taken. When people have departed I have missed them but I have respected those decisions, when detractors do their thing I find myself understanding and often agreeing with their viewpoints. But still, I will not go. I want to be honest and say why things won't or don't work, I need to question and judge what I'm given without the need to fangirl, because I do that too. A LOT. But the fact remains, for this person at least, Pandaria won't leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling that I can adequately either sum up in 140 characters or gush about in a comments box. What Pandaria DID do for me was make me a better player, and it made me challenge my view of Azeroth and my place in it. It also made me think enormously about what kind of person I am, and how I intend to play and talk about that in the future. There isn't anything to miss about the game or the Expansion. IT'S ALL STILL HERE.

More to the point, so am I.

[*] My side, not my husbands. She's ace.

Monday, February 17, 2014

To Build a Home :: Requiem for a Tower

Has it been nearly a week?

When is a Tower NOT a Tower?

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's a Mage Tent. However it is only stage one of three possible looks for this 'building' in your Garrison, but it was SO good that last week people on Twitter were debating whether they'd want to improve it .If you have no interest in the minigame that is the Garrison, one assumes this will be the equivalent of having Halfhill still with the weeds, the cart and the mossy boulder: all the starter buildings and nowt else, which raises yet ANOTHER question.

Will doing nothing with a Garrison even be possible with Warlords? When the Lead Content Designer uses a phrase like 'huge part of your core experience'  WHAT EXACTLY DOES HE MEAN?

When someone asked a while back if we'd get Race-Specific buildings for the Garrisons feature, a CM responded with a telling metaphor: you'd get that or you'd get a raid tier. He meant this of course as an indication of the manpower production hours involved and that you can have either one or the other, and clearly (as we have considered previously) that kind of commitment is not going to happen with a completely untried feature. HOWEVER, and that's intentionally caps for a reason, the Garrison gives Blizzard something it's never had before in gaming terms. Suddenly, there is the potential of a customisable lobby to the game.

The Crown Tower Hotel Lobby. Shiny.

There's a damn good reason why Hotel lobbies are so shiny and sparkly: they want to detract you from the shoebox room you've got to spend the next week of your life in on business or holiday. They are the shop window on the company with whom you have thrown your hard-earned cash at and this is their way of showing you that even if the wi fi may cost by the hour in your room, you can have a bit for free down here. Complimentary nibbles are de rigeur and if I need to explain to you why there are two bars and a restaurant on this level and not on the 16th, you're doing it wrong. The lobby is your portal to a new world, and I suspect the Garrison could well be the first place you end up in before you even make it to Draenor. Why? Because if you can set your hearthstone here (which you will be able to) and there's a portal in your Mage Tent to everywhere important (because there will be) then you won't NEED anywhere else to play the game when you log in, and if everyone uses the Lobby to access the Hotel, you might not need Capitol Cities the next expansion around, which is a big thing all in itself to begin with.

The lag-inducing, look at my mount seeking Capital City model. Outmoded?

Of course, there are two main player hubs in Warlords, because everyone needs somewhere to do their mogging and wave their junk about show that new mount off to random strangers. Even if you don't build places like this they will naturally evolve in games over time, especially with proximity to trainers and quest targets/givers. However, the Garrison is planning to offer not simply the ability for you to travel from it, but also for people to travel to you and admire your collection. In fact, once people can access your Garrison to come spy on your colour-co-ordinated Cats, we are into territory that is probably going to seem all to familiar for those of you with a handheld device:


Your Garrison is your base, your own personal capital city. It is on your PC/Mac without the need to interact with anyone else, and therefore you don't have to worry about lag from ALL THOSE OTHER PEOPLE. For someone who crashed every time she first wandered into Ironforge in Vanilla this is kind of a big deal, it could also save considerable manhours on design work and would avoid navigational disasters like the Exodar, which no-one goes to now anyway NO THEY DON'T. [*] The point here is twofold: this place is where you can do things in your way, and Blizzard can give you everything you need to do just that, so even if you never make it out of your Garrison that login, you're still a part of the game, and that feeling is crucial. Why would Blizzard bother with all this artwork for a feature most people won't care about anyway? Well, if it's the first thing you're presented with every time you log, you're gonna want to look at summat pretty... and although this Expansion around that might not happen, the future has a lot of possibilities at stake. When the first thing you do when someone chucks a Friends Code at you in Animal Crossing is go scope out their interior design skills, so will it be for us. You WILL want to go and spy on random people. There WILL be contests for the best use of available game resources, and all of that adds up to Blizzard wanting from the word go to give us the power, but ultimately retain the controlling interest.

FREE WI FI in your Garrison :O Why go to Ironforge EVER AGAIN?


The consequences of front-loading your gaming experience are many and various, but for now we're not even sure when we'll get this, only that its coming Soon (TM) However, it is going to happen. The writing is elegantly inscribed on the walls of your Mage Tower, when the man says part of your core experience, I'm assuming he's not selling the complimentary peanuts.

Blizzard want you to live here. The question now becomes, do you get a choice?


[*] World PvP is gonna change as a result. You just watch.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

You're So Vain

Seinfeld Sting.

A Blood Elf walks into an LFR Underhold. 
The trash and first boss are executed perfectly, first pull with no deaths, as is all the trash up to the Spoils. The top dps is a Warlock, who declares as groups are being sorted he'd like to go afk because 'this bos (sp) takes too long.' When called out on this by several members of the party he links both Heroic Spoils and Heroic Garrosh, and tells us all to suck it. When challenged to the fact he could also have been carried through both of those fights, his response is simple. 
'You're just jealous I'm better than you.'
The Blood Elf then replies 'You should be grateful you can heroic raid to begin with. Some people just aren't that lucky.' 
There is a silence, and the fight begins. 
The Warlock is also top dps in this fight.

Sometimes, it pays to remember you aren't the only person who needs to LFR.

You should try and remember that some people don't have the opportunities you do, and that being good at something doesn't necessarily mean you're the best, it could come down to having the time. Gear isn't a badge of honour, it's just a means to an end. Achievements aren't the way to show how capable you are, it's when you pull your weight with everyone else and make sure the Group succeeds, because you can't get a 25 man achievement on your own.

When you really want to be taken seriously, sticking your abilities into someone's face is likely to have the opposite reaction to the one you're hoping for.

Respecting everyone should not be an afterthought, if you choose to enter LFR you should do so understanding what is expected of you and not to slack, or give anything less than your best. Laughing at those for whom this is their only way to see content isn't just mean, it is cheap and easy, and if you think this is acceptable it is time for a long, hard think about why you play with other people to begin with.

If you wish to prove how good a player you are, grasp you need to give back and don't just keep taking.

Learning to play does not mean generating the largest numbers.


Rant over.