Monday, September 01, 2014

BETA :: Take It Easy

Or maybe not. YOUR CHOICE.

There is a lot of discussion around my Twitter timeline concerning Professions currently. Quite a few people are playing Beta now (and by that I mean playing it as if it were Live, which is what Developers always hope for when testing) and within that, not all Professions are currently available. However, what is becoming apparent is that the major overhaul pretty much most of us have been calling for over the last few years is indeed finally on its way:

Not *quite* what I had in mind ^^

Bearing this in mind, there were a few people this weekend who thought what I chose to do with my time was, to say the least, a bit odd:

Almost ^^

I've picked two of what are traditionally the most material-heavy Professions to max, a mere 72 days before I don't even need to bother about any of these recipes any more. 'Why waste your time?' someone asked me yesterday, especially when Professions are so expensive to complete at present: I must admit I have a measure of sympathy with this argument, but I still went ahead and did it. However, that isn't the whole story, and even knowing what I do now about what's coming, I'm still going to suggest to people that if one of your pre-Expansion bucket list achievements is to max a Profession, you should absolutely go ahead and do it. Let me explain why, and also let me stick a couple of caveats on that suggestion to boot.

Gotta love a Graph :D

There's benefits and pitfalls to knowing what is coming ahead of time. The amount of knowledge you gain from beta participation is all well and good, but a lot of what you do with said information will be dependant on a number of circumstances. In the case of the Professions change, for instance, it will be possible to place an Enchanting building in your Garrison to DE all of your unwanted quest rewards, which is all well and good in the short term, but needs to be established AFTER the Expansion hits. Although this also has the advantage of allowing a player to DE all Epic items across the Expansion, it takes up a plot that might be better used by another Profession building. It also doesn't allow a player the option to DE immediately on release, or indeed provision for those players who may not wish to build a Garrison for every alt (which includes me, believe it or not.)

My point here is simple. I made a choice based on a number of factors pre-Expansion, which will allow me to make money leading up to and following Warlords release, so as far as I am concerned, the effort in this case is not a waste of time.

Must sort that Mog out too...

I rolled my rogue initially for a couple of reasons: to experience the Goblin Starting Area, and to have a way to open the occasional Lockbox my Horde Hunter would discover in her travels. Ironically, when I got her to 90 there were about 30 boxes waiting for her in the Bank, and it then occurred to me that it would be an added bonus if someone on the Horde side could DE and make bags to boot, and hence this Project was born. Ironically it is that bag making skill that has pulled in a sizeable wad of cash Horde side and means that I've turned a small profit on this entire endeavour in the last few days. It now also means that the 45 bits of non-used Timeless Isle Leather gear I have can be converted to crystals and sold as a nice Horde side nest egg pre-Expansion. I've also made several thousand gold on Leather sales from yesterday's farming area, and then there's the Battered Hilt I picked up from farming for Frostweave.

All in all, not waiting has had a considerable number of benefits, but the same may not be true for you.


Many people will argue that they don't want to start changing now, they want to wait until they are actually in the Expansion before they alter their outlook (Pragmatists ^^) There are those already faffing with every aspect of their gameplay in anticipation of the pre-planned changes that they will make (Technology Enthusiasts!) but for many there is just not the time or the desire right now to do anything with a game that's not seen any new game content since Zandalari Dinosaurs ruled the Earth. The key to knowing whether it is the right time for you is simple: do you want to do it? Will it make you money? Will the notion of your own self-achievement be sufficient to justify the action to yourself? In the end, we return to that most-loved of Economic concepts, opportunity cost. In my case, the weekend to do this now as opposed to leaving it until November means a ton more money can be made on the Horde side, I have an extra character to make money with whilst farming, and I keep myself happy. Frankly, it was a no-brainer.

In conclusion: if you want to level your Professions now, go right ahead, because everything is going to change forever in Warlords on that front, and having a maxxed profession will give you a greater yield if you choose to use that type of Building in your Garrison. It is only a waste of time if you aren't going to do anything with said profession in the weeks leading up to the Expansion, and as that is not the case here, I feel suitably justified, and a fair bit richer in my decision making.

Of course, your experience may vary ^^

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