Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Alternative Chat, Episode 32 ::
Housewives Choice

This expansion is STUFFED WITH GOODNESS.

Yes, the Podcast has returned, and its not afraid to prepare you for the inevitable. Time is running out and I'm here to prime you for the next couple of months because, guess what? YOU ARE NOT PREPARED.

No really, you're not.

This Week, I am Discussing:

  • It isn't long until the Expansion, DID YOU KNOW?
  • Finally extracting the digit and starting my preparation.
  • The Circuit of Disappointment lives up to its name.
  • Why I never got into Challenge Modes.
  • Making my own choices for a change
  • Garrisons 101 isn't here this week, but next week it will likely CONSUME THE PODCAST.

Contacting the Show:


alternativegodmother (at) gmail (dot) com

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@AlternativeChat on Twitter on Facebook

Other Notes:

The Farming free bags for Fun and Inventory Space post can be found here.


Normal Service resumed? CHECK. See you next week, Podcast fans!

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