Monday, August 04, 2014

VOGUE :: Inspector Norse

Backs to the wall...

When I made this Mog on Friday, I didn't really expect the depth of response it received. It is odd how sometimes a moment is more important than you realise, and it occurs to me now as I write this post that I admitted to myself on making this outfit that occasionally you are forced into choices you don't like which end up with unexpected results. This cloak is a metaphor for my experience in Pandaria: it promised so much on paper, but in the end I was forced to hide from it because it wouldn't let me do what I wanted. Finally, now we are almost done with this Expansion, I show it again and I design an entire outfit around it because I want to be able to choose whether I wear a particular item or not and not have it imposed upon me, whether it be because of iLevel or looks. My dissatisfaction with this 'legendary' is well known, and at the 11th hour it has become the basis of an outfit that marks a distinct development in my relationship with Transmog.

Deliberately Static

To my eyes, even now, this Mog shouldn't work. There are too many textures and the colours between legs and shoulders don't match. I should be getting cross with the belt and the gun's simplicity is frankly incredible... but the fact remains, when I step back and look at P in combat, or idling in the Shrine, it feels as natural an outfit as I think I've ever found for her. That's the key, the feeling is right: it is the shoulders from Northrend Leatherworking that I remember making the first time around for PvP and loving them because they looked so unlike anything else I'd ever seen. It is these trousers I got as a quest reward from the 1-60 grind and JUST KNEW I wanted to Mog with at some point because the detail on them is incredible. The key to this all however I think is the Rift Stalker Hauberk: I never liked the original Tier set because I thought there was far too much blue. This pattern really compliments the cloak, and acts as a way of bringing the trousers into the ensemble without overpowering everything else. There's also enough brown and black in this overall to appeal to my sensibilities for Hunter attire generally. Overall, I like that I've raised the bar for myself.

I hope this is the start of a fruitful period of Mogging generally in game :D

Full List of Transmog Items is as follows:

[*] The bracers don't show behind the gloves so their colour doesn't matter, hence this item. Your Race shape may vary :D

Oh, and because I was asked, this is how the Mog would look like on a Night Elf and Blood Elf, respectively :D

Thanks to the Well of Eternity 'illusion'

Thanks to the Orb of the Sin'dorei

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Grimmtooth said...

It may interest you to know that there is kind of a set out there that those pants go with. Have a look at Grimm's mog on the armory (Grimmtooth on Alleria). I think some of these (possibly the spaulders for sure) are quest rewards, but you'll get the pitch after a look.