Friday, August 29, 2014

To Build a Home :: Good Intentions

I am hideously behind on all things Garrison shaped, and this makes me sad.

This is only a short post, a wee thing, because I want to have a fully working and useful Garrisons Guide to refer to once the Expansion hits, I'm just not being paid to do this. That's a key factor that needs to be reiterated for my benefit as much as everyone else's: this isn't my job, and at some point summat normally has to give. I am hoping that this weekend I'll have an opportunity to dive back into Beta properly, and we can make some distinct and useful upgrades to the Guide as it stands.

I just wanted to say I've not forgotten about this commitment, and I intend to have a living, breathing weekly Guide to all things Garrison for as long as the feature remains in game.

I now return you to your scheduled Pre-Expansion faffing.

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