Monday, August 18, 2014

This Week, I Will Be Mostly ::
Me and You and a Dog Named Boo

My prayers have been answered. I will indeed be back on the road (again) come Tuesday as I return to the game: we finally have the certainty of a Thursday release date in November to look forward to and plan for, including the inevitable 6.0 Events that will precede it. I can remember how I felt back in January when I thought we'd be doing this some time in May, and it was with a certain level of irony I discovered midweek that I was right all along, the Expansion is six months late. Planning then was a large amorphous blob of uncertainty.


UBRS is gonna vanish in its present form sometime in October. Many dungeons will change forever at the same time. Unless someone has a miracle in their back pocket I'm not going to get a Garrosh clear or a set of CM Golds before this happens, but I will be able to get myself set up with the two Hunters I intend to level simultaneously for Warlords. I can try and knock off the Green Fire Quest on the Lock. There's the possibility of getting some Jewelcrafting Mounts for the new total I know I need to aim for, 250. In fact, I suspect that the next week will be spent with a pencil and paper making an awful lot of notes not simply on what I've missed in the week I've been away. There will be ALL OF THE PLANNING and, if you're interested, I'll bring you along for the ride.

I suspect that #TEAMFAFF Facebook Page might yet get created at some point in the next few weeks to boot, because PRIORITIES PEOPLE.


There's a lot to sort out now I'm actually back at Alternative Towers, a lot of which has to do with those ten questions I asked you about ten days ago now. Expect far more planning come the morning, and an official announcement on the Winners of the #WarlordsReleaseDate Contest that is, of course, finally resolved. Oh, and I'd expect you'll need to find some tin foil to make a hat or two, because I'm going to start off the day tomorrow with my take on what we saw in THAT Cinematic... :D

Right, if you'll excuse me, there are THINGS to do :D


Balkoth said...

When you say Garrosh clear, what difficulty are you talking about?

Night said...

I also am not going to be able to get a Gary kill on anything other than lfr which makes me sad. I am also making the to-do list for the next few months.