Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Accidental Goldmaker ::
It's Grim Up North

Farm the World ^^

Yet again, Nostalgia has gotten the better of me. In the continued need to supply my Horde Rogue with the supplies to level Enchanting and Tailoring (yes I *know* I could wait until Warlords and it would be easier but think of all the stuff I'd not be able to DE from Day 1 PLUS BAGS DAMMIT) I needed a new place to grind Embersilk and greens. Once upon a time I would have gone to Deepholme and killed Troggs but this time I wanted a place where I was boss, dictated the terms and didn't need to grind in the World. My son tipped me off to this farm, and it's been verified by a few people as a great place for cloth... except, as an Instance, there's sooo much more on offer for my particularly talented Hunter. It's also a spot with a great deal of personal history for me.

The Batol, reinvented.

Once upon a time, there were dragons at Grim Batol, but not the ones you'd find now. They were Reds, and packed a potent punch: back in the days this place was simply a placeholder, a space unused. Of course, this all changed in Cataclysm and I will admit I miss this place as a Dragonscale grind, because it was rarely used by anyone else on my server. I felt a particular affinity to it too, being a Dwarf, with it's placement in a zone I levelled through on almost every Alliance character I rolled. Today however the Instance, in Heroic Mode, is a veritable treasure trove for my Hunter, who skins on the side and has a lot to gain from running this place multiple times to help her Goblin Guildie.

Pre-Cataclysm Grim Batol Entrance.

The runs are very simple. The Hunter's wearing a Guardians of Hyjal tabard for starters, which means every mob adds 15 Reputation to her total. Because Dragons are an important part of the Grim Batol makeup, a Skinner means that nothing is left to waste on these runs. Heroic makes the fights a little slower, but the rewards greater, at least for me thus far: it also means there's an element of challenge that makes this feel less like a total faceroll, which I like. The key, of course, is to not kill any bosses, and simply farm up to a certain point, leave and reset. This means 20 runs in an hour (if I were that fast) but a decent pile of Embersilk and greens once my half a dozen or so circuits are done.

Here's your Route :D

Farm from A to B, turn round, run out and reset. Simples.

The added benefit for the Hunter helping the Rogue, apart from the reputation, is the 1500-2000g a session she's been making selling everything that isn't needed for levelling Professions. It's not the most effective way to make money, or I am sure the most efficient, but as that's not (again) what I've set out to do here, the money is a bonus I'm not going to turn my nose up at. The key is to incorporate as many different tasks into the same sessions as possible, and this is ticking a great many boxes all at once, which is why the 'farm' is so effective.

You watch, now I've shared it they'll nerf this within the week. START FARMING NOW.

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Bartosz Szafarz said...

Nothing beats Pinnacle of Storms though, the most beautiful instance in the game...