Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Since I Left You

Preparation is everything.

I make no claims to be a Mistress of Gold Making, but I get by well enough. I won't guarantee you 1 MEELION GLODS by following my 5 Simple Tips either, because I'm not that kind of player. I don't see this game as a potential source of income, it's just pixels. However, I'm not stupid. I get where the money comes from. I understand that selling stuff makes you a useful in-game wage. The difference I think between me and the people who are out there trying to exploit it and others is just that. I have no desire to exploit. I just want the cash to buy stuff, to make a living.

It is T-minus 78 days until Warlords, and it is time to start considering how I make some money to pay my bills until the Expansion.


This screenie from my good mate @yoco68 when it became apparent in Beta that all the AH's were merging in Warlords made the process of where I make my money largely academic. Selling will become a universal constant, and the only downside to this  is the process of money transfer will become a wee bit more complicated than it is. Cash, if I didn't know it already, is going to be king on both sides of the Faction divide, so it's probably an idea that I set myself up with a sensible nestegg before the Expansion hits for both Alliance AND Horde, as I'll no longer be able to transfer goods and services between the two with any measure of certainty. That means, at least for me, a number of key requirements to exist on my toons, namely:

  • A way to gather raw materials (mining, skinning, herbalism) on both Factions for basic income.
  • A way to produce bags and enchants (and therefore disenchant) on both Factions.
  • A way to open Lockboxes on both Factions.

This means I have a 90 Rogue thanks to my second account's 90 Boost that came with the Expansion pre-order, who is currently levelling Tailoring and Enchanting and making a decent living from it by specialising on bags for sale. She's being provided with raw materials by my 90 Hunter who is a LW/Mining combo, and who is specifically farming dungeons/areas with a strong bias for those gathering abilities to grab extra materials for sale. This will (hopefully) keep a steady stream of income incoming on the Horde side leading up to the Expansion.

Then there is the issue of Spirits of Harmony going bind-free at 6.0.

Growing your Nestegg is SRS BNS

I'm sitting on a fairly substantive number of Spirits thanks to Skyshard farming in the Vale. As yet I'm still not sure how to convert them to their best advantage, but I am considering throwing a stack or two to my Alchemist for Living Steel and stockpiling a couple of Engineering mounts (because the 250 Mount Achievement's gonna be a BIG THING.) Then I could make cloth for HUGE BAGS (which are selling very well on my Server) or even use them in a last hurrah to construct leg armour. The Vale is generally an extremely productive area for farming, especially in the quiet early mornings I tend to now have time to be online. I've spent an hour this morning farming Ghost Iron Ore there, for instance, and although I am certain it is not the most productive area in which to do it the presence of the Rare Spawns and every mob with a chance to drop a Skyshard/Cache Key makes it a very attractive base of operations for at least one Hunter for the foreseeable future.

Then it is just a case of deciding who does what.

The Sign is a Lie.

There is no right and wrong way to make Gold. There is only the way that works best for you. Whether that's adapting or simply copying someone else, it doesn't matter. The process of making money needs to be something you feel comfortable with, and that isn't a contest or a race. In the end, it is only pixels, and until Blizzard make it that I can pay my sub with it, it has no real relevance beyond my confidence in the ability to produce it successfully. I'm not here to show off how good I am at it either, but I am making it while I can, while the sun shines, at every possible opportunity. You may feel free to laugh at me because, in your eyes, I'm doing it wrong... but you know what, I don't really care. I'm not here to impress you or pretend I'm something I'm not.

It is just pixels when it comes to making gold, and frankly everything else is largely irrelevant.

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Joar said...

My approach has tended to be really centered around consistency. With every profession maxed, I just look at what is most profitable on any given profession, and make a little bit of everything, every day. I'm not trying to corner markets or generate huge sums, just a consistent, dependable income.

Which professions have worked well for me has varied from expansion to expansion, but just through sticking with it over years and years. Some times, I don't even understand why things are selling at the prices they are, but if they do, I keep making them.

I use TradeskillMaster to keep track off all that stuff for me, and it's been a great resource for that over the years.