Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ride a White Horse

This was Number 137. Yes, I counted.

I've been a Mount Collector since before Wrath, I'll be honest. The Argent Tournament was probably when my desire to own things to ride on outstripped the apathy/issues that surround this being a game and not Real Life and it became MORE than just a passing desire. In fact, if I'm honest, this expansion was the one when the Time Lost Proto Drake appeared and for the first (and last) time in my Warcraft life I actually camped things, largely unsuccessfully. It then occurred to me that, if I was going to do the whole collecting thing, there were going to need to be some Sanity Rules put in place, not simply for me. No camping, no stupid sums of money spent, no doing things that negatively impact on the Real World.

Simple rules, but they serve me well.

165 Dungeon Runs. Not all concurrent.

The key has always been 'not all at once' because I've never been in that kind of relationship with the game to begin with. It is always about making the most of a moment, or capitalising on some free time, but the Mounts have become increasingly difficult to capture alone. Tying them to World and Instance Bosses is, of course, a great way to promote the longevity of that particular content, but for the solo player it does mean that you are restricted by your own ability. That is as frustrating as it is liberating, especially when presented with mechanics that, even after you outgear content, will kill you regardless. For me, it is simple. I accept some mounts I will never own, and I move on. This would hugely frustrate those who believe that the only obstacle to owning everything is patience and time, but I would counter that in any collection, there must be a limit. You need to know when to stop.

I used to collect things, and it nearly bankrupted me. I have learnt that lesson too.

Recruit a Friend. Acceptable Expense ^^

When Blizzard announced the 250 Mount Achievement, it wasn't a surprise, and I was already planning, because that is the very nature of Collecting. It never stops until you decide you're done. Collecting is infinite, as old as the Universe itself, because as long as people exist to make things, there will be those who collect, for whatever reason. The only arbiter of completion, ultimately, is yourself. 250 for me is eminently doable without having to resort to a massive lifestyle change, it can be planned and executed well, and I am in a position to prepare several characters to do the job which does at least increase the chances of a drop. For me, part of the process now isn't the actual mounts, but organising around them. How I can make extra money, planning the most efficient routes between kill points... which is probably why camping for me is such a terrible waste of time and effort. However attractive the reward, the cost is simply too great to swallow.

For everything there must be an acceptable reward.

Crafting FTW.

This has been a four mount week: three from crafting and one from a run I've done hundreds of times since TBC. The trick with collecting is to be realistic and have a sense of humour. I call it the 'Circuit of Disappointment' for a reason, after all. There are always days, weeks when you have nothing to show for your eforts but every time the total ticks up, then there's progress, forward momentum. That's the key. Moving ahead. Attaining the goal. Not going insane.

Outfit & Tanking Pet matches Mount? CHECK.

Ride a White Horse will become another off/on feature on the Blog as we move into Warlords. My current Mounts Owned total is 214. That's thirty-six to find to hit the next rest point... ^^

No time to waste, let's go start again today.

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Bob Flintston said...

Sorry I am a bit late to the party. Do you use an Addon for Mount collection and if so which one?