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REPOST :: The King of Rock and Roll

As we discussed yesterday, you are now aware of the Warlords Release Date. This means that many things are becoming more of a priority than they perhaps were, with clearing out your bags quite high on that list. It seems therefore like an appropriate moment therefore to repost this handy dandy guide from earlier in the year on what you should be doing with your bags RIGHT NOW.

This time around in Warlords, there are some fairly major changes incoming that you need to be aware of before you start deleting anything you don't think is of particular value from your bags or storage. Most significant of all is the introduction of the Toybox feature:


This idea was a major selling point when announced at Blizzcon: all those fabulous, 'fun' items that are currently clogging up your bags? You know the stuff: quest rewards, vanity items, transformation shizzle... well, all of that's going to get its own menu in game. That means all the space currently taken by the items will be freed up. If you want more details on the feature Wowhead now has a lovely Guide on it all, and as things stand there are 159 items that can currently be stored in it (as of the current patch.)

Click here for a full list, and remember that some items are Faction only and do not count towards combined totals.

Add to this the confirmation of X spaces per character for a Reagent Bank, X spaces in a second tab of Void Storage and suddenly everyone (myself included) will be swimming in space. This has a fairly significant effect therefore on pretty much everyone's bags, and for the first time in many, MANY expansions my first tip for Decluttering your Bags is very simple:

(No, I don't believe I typed that either.)

Trust me, this gets LOTS BETTER in Warlords :D

This whole part of the process is making me particularly uncomfortable at present: I'd love to throw half the stuff here away but if I do there is currently no written guarantee I'd be able to get it back. As a result, it all has to stay put. That means, believe it or not, this set of bags is pretty close to being decluttered. Yeah, I know ^^ However, there are some things I can see already in this screenie that can be improved. Let's therefore apply some basic space increasing principles with one eye on the fact the Toybox is still not either implemented or actually complete regarding what exactly WHAT will go into it:

2. Create a BoE Bankalt.

Assuming you've not filled up 11 slots on your server already, having a Bankalt is really useful. It gives you someone to send all your rubbish to, even if it's just to vend and make a nice little nest-egg of cash for the Expansion. It is a character who can be at the Auction House while you're out grinding stuff. Most importantly, it teaches you to restrict the amount of BoE gubbins you keep in your bag at any one time. If you send it all away once you've done an LFR or completed a quest hub, this becomes a routine you adopt every day and allows you to deal with all the saleable items you have in a more structured fashion. Remember, it doesn't even need to be a new character, just one you don't play any more. Pick a target, clear their bags, and START MAKING MONEY.

3. Be Brutal.

The past is often difficult to destroy. However, all those drops from TBC that you're not ever going back to use? THROW THEM AWAY. The Battle Pets you've not learnt because you have too many duplicates? If you can't vend them, LEARN or DESTROY. Those Brawler's Guild quest starters? SELL, USE OR DESTROY. Learn to be assertive with your choices and stick by them when you do. You'll find you can free up an awful lot of space by using things like the Spirits of Harmony (I have eighty in the bags above) to make other things that you can then sell. However bear in mind these MIGHT become BoE at some point in the future (emphasis on the might) so keeping them again may not be an utter waste of space...


4. Have a Place for Everything.

I have a family of bankalts (see my front page) Four are under L10, one's an abandoned Hunter project and the last is a L90. However, I don't use them all for storage. Many of my active alts also serve as storage areas for materials, especially those who work with professions. The point here is simple: know where everything 'lives': assign one alt to hold all your Heirlooms, another to be your cloth storage, a third to look after raw materials. Have a notepad or a computer file where this information is stored as well, for easy access. Having a  place for everything will make the process of organisation considerably less stressful.

5. Maintain your Organisation.

The only way anything works, whether it be sticking to a diet or exercise plan or beating a difficult Instance Boss is patience and time. The same is true for getting organised. If you want these systems to work, you need to keep at them and be consistent in your approach. Even if it's only 30 minutes a week, clearing and sorting things can make a huge difference to your quality of gaming time. Find a system you are comfortable with and stick with it. The results will surprise you.

6. Don't Try Everything At Once.

This is actually quite significant: you won't get anywhere if you try and declutter every character you have simultaneously. If you're working across multiple alts make an effort to completely sort one before you move to the next. Perhaps take an evening for each over the course of a week so it doesn't become a chore, and make yourself a list which you can tick off when each alt is 'clear' Trust me when I say ticking stuff off lists is a very satisfying method of feeling you're making progress :D


At the end of the day (Brian) this process is all about you deciding what matters for you and what doesn't. I'm not going to urge you to Auction House stuff if you'd rather just vend everything and have done with it. What you ultimately decide to do with your stuff is entirely up to you, but remember that your space  is absolutely and totally going to become far easier to obtain and keep once Warlords finally hits.

You'll just have to resist the urge to gather everything for Transmog until then... ^^

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