Thursday, August 21, 2014

Magic Number

As promised yesterday, this is my second hit of Community Giveback this week, this time directed at Mr and Mrs WoW, and timed to tie in with a second post later today on the start of my Pre-Expansion Grinding Activities. This morning's Community Project is entitled:


where ** in this case refers to three. You want three things to do before Warlords? I could give you a hundred, but that's not the point of the project, so let's pick the ones that *really* matter to me. Number One really should be a no-brainer:

1. Collect Mounts.


The best games turn displacement activity into an Artform. This appears to be becoming increasingly the case in Warcraft where a large, static population of players demand a continuous stream of incremental Achievements based on frankly ridiculous drop rates or the presence of two key factors: lots of friends and/or an ability to outgear content. Nowhere is this more true than the 'Collect X Mounts' Achievement. The last milestone was 200. Come Warlords, that number increases to 250 and the Felfire Hawk above is the reward. Needless to say, this has galvanised a fair few people to start the grind, and you can expect a post on this from yours truly later today because, frankly, I gotta start RIGHT NOW.

Everything drops eventually, after all.

Clearly defined totals = Attainable. Eventually ^^

Not sure long, soul-sucking and repetitive grinds are everyone's idea of fun, BUT IT WORKS FOR ME.

2. Make Gold.

Advantages of Long, Repetitive Grinds #1

Undoubtedly, there is one HUGE benefit to the business of soul-sucking and repetitive grinds: GUBBINS. All that crap that drops from the business of farming for mounts has a value, and depending on where you do it will dictate the value of what you receive. For instance, grinding Skyshards to get the Alani Mount (8/10 /flex) means you clear your way through a phenomenal number of mobs at max level which drop a pretty hefty selection of eminently useful items. The key *then* is what you do with them, and that's where the gold making comes in. Even if all I did was vendor everything I'd still make cash (in this case useful for the mats I'll need for Jewelcrafting Mount construction :D) but making more than just selling is an art form, as another static portion of the playerbase will happily tell you on a weekly basis.

Making gold's always been a bit of a sideline for me, but it will be very important in the weeks that follow for me to maximise potential in as many places as possible. Needless to say, if this old fart can do it, then you can too.

3. Get Organised.

Obligatory Reaction GIF as standard..

I can already see some eyebrows raising here. However, like it or not, this is a part of the game that I enjoy.


This means selling, and de-crapifying (TOTALLY a word), and working out what I can do to maximise XP when I start levelling again. It is working out which characters to Garrison with and which I will skip. It may also mean throwing fate to the wind and sticking a few people back into LFR for upgrades, or indeed using OpenRaid to try and grab a normal run or two for my Hunter(s) to get upgrades. It is deciding what Achievements are actually doable in the timeframe I have and which will, inevitably, have to be surrendered to the inevitable march of time.

It is, in essence, what the #TEAMFAFF hashtag is all about, and what I probably enjoy most of all in Warlords. It is doing things at my pace, in my timeframe and to keep me happy so I have fun. If you don't like this definition, or indeed if you are one of the funsucking leeches that this Project was set up to counter?

I have but one thing to say to you:

I'll see everyone else in game :D

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Geez, from their reactions you'd think they just came across a statue of Jayne in the town square. ;0

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