Saturday, August 02, 2014

BETA: You Wear it Well

Just *because*...

There's still a bit of drama floating around my 'what you look like doesn't matter' discussion from a while back, so it might seem a bit odd as a result that I've turned up here this morning, leading a post with this Mog for my Legendary Cloak.

First up, I didn't actually plan this look, it just happened: I've been wearing a different outfit (1-60 Vanilla quest rewards post Cataclysm) for a bit without a cloak and I've honestly begun to miss it. Because the orange status means I can't mog over it I am forced to use that as a basis for what I created but in the back of my mind I didn't want to farm, because I can't. I have no space left for mog items so the plan was to use stuff I had (including a tier token for the Rift Stalker's chestpiece) but in the end the shoulders are a craft and I'll make the space, because in this case I think this look has raised my bar for what I can do with existing items.

Having this retweeted by a Blizzard member of staff last night made me realise that other people like it too, which gives me a lot of hope that what I'm doing does indeed have some value.

Running in the Family

My son (DK of DOOM above) has picked up my love of Mogging, when he understood the process allowed him to look the way he wanted, and not the way the game dictated, and this is an important lesson I really hope Blizzard are beginning to grasp matters to an increasing number of people. What I'm also hoping happens (and there were mumblings it might for a while) is a system similar to that which exists in Diablo 3 could be applied to Warcraft: if you've looted an item it becomes moggable to your character. There are so many items I've trashed over the years I'd love to be able to use on my character and I can't, and to be able to regain access to them all and not have to worry about space? It would be a fabulous move forward.

The signposts are there.

For those of us who Mog, the signs are rather encouraging regardless in Warlords. Quite apart from the four full sets of Orc 'clan' armour that will be available via Garrisons Perks, there are a number of 'Cosmetic' items already in the game files with the possibility these will match generic items for matching purposes. It's not yet clear how these items will work, but I'm pleased to see that at least someone in the development process is considering the possibilities available. It is unsurprising that there are not more Mogging options on the table, in the general scheme of things this part of the game ranks quite low in the list of 'important' features, but it is genuinely heartening to see that steps are being taken to install it as part of the Warcraft landscape.

You keep sticking these features in, Blizzard. I'll keep using them.


Ravensword said...

I must admit the Diablo 3 idea sounds pretty good and would free up a good chunk of bag space:-)

Therese said...

Mog is the way of life HURRAH for more fun stuff !

Kamalia said...

This kit has a great balance of the key colors from the cloak -- and are those starting zone quest reward boots? Nicely done!
Given that my main is a healer, I've been glad that the crane cloak is the one with the visuals I like best. The tiger cloak has really tempted me to got after a second cloak, though, and this mog makes it even more tempting to do so with my Enhancement Shaman.

Those cosmetic items sound very interesting! I wonder where they will come from? I'd love to see things like those socks be produced by Tailoring as part of a revamp of that profession's leveling curve.