Saturday, August 23, 2014

BETA :: Play to Win

Take the Money or OPEN THE BOX ^^

Honor and Conquest definitely are not going away, just to clarify a misconception - you'll still be earning those currencies through PvP and using them to buy your PvP gear. 
What will be going away is Justice and Valor. Over time, they've moved away from their original purpose, and given how widely available they'd become (awarded from quests, scenarios, dungeons, raids, etc.), we'd rather return to the original universal currency: gold. The final values aren't hooked up yet, but the old Valor rewards for completing your daily random dungeon or an LFR wing will be replaced with a hefty sum of gold, which should make something like the gold turn-in for a bonus roll seem far more attainable even for players who currently don't have much gold.  
That said, the feedback/suggestion of allowing repeat turn-ins definitely has merit, and it's something we'll discuss and consider.

This post by Watcher, in response to how players will be able to obtain the Seal of Temepered Fate (6.01's Bonus Roll Raid Token) has promoted more than the usual amount of interest in my brain for a Saturday morning. What especially made me sit up and think was the line highlighted in red: this would seem to suggest that one of the ways by which players will obtain a bonus roll in Warlords is by handing over what is suggested by the text could be a not inconsiderable amount of money. Making Tokens a Gold Sink is actually a stroke of genius: it will be the ultimate convenience for those who don't have the time or the inclination to 'work' for a token. However, it is tempered by the fact that I've lost count of the number of Bonus Rolls that have rewarded me with gold, and the toss-up between spending a large sum for a token that could reward me with 100g again isn't ever going to entice some people to sue the option at all.

It's those Darkmoon Faire fortune cards all over again ^^

Definition of Lucky #126

It has been made very clear we will have many ways in which to obtain our Tokens in Warlords: the Garrison has a Building that offers one, for starters, but because nothing in that structure is mandatory there are going to be various options dotted around. In Beta currently it appears that at least four options to buy are at play from an NPC vendor:

  • 100 Apexis Crystals
  • 500 Honor
  • 300 Garrison Resources
  • 500 Gold

When you look at this selection, it makes a lot of sense in a wider context. This gives most players a currency that they'll have access to, depending on their strengths in game. It also makes the option of the Lumber Mill in Gorgrond far more attractive in terms of having a stack of Resources that have uses beyond simply building and maintaining a Garrison. Apexis Crystals (assuming they'll drop like Timeless Coins) can be used to buy many things, including gear (I believe) so I can see some interesting (though some may consider them frustrating) choices in the early weeks of the Expansion. However, this has always been the case: you'd have to grind Valor somewhere, you had a choice of options. This development opens up the possibilities of currency and gives the casual player more opportunities to use the tools at their disposal to up their chances of loot in LFR.

Choice is not new ^^

I know this change will be greeted by some with frustration: as we mentioned below, people don't like change. Choices make what was once clear and easily understandable become difficult and confusing, However, this is one of those moments where the change isn't simply sensible, it is refreshing. What it also means is that all those dailies that would have previously rewarded Valor will have gold at the end come Warlords, which means it could suddenly be doubly worthwhile filling up a character's questlog with a full set of 25 before the Expansion rolls around...

More on that tomorrow :D

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marathalbt said...

Actually made me a bit sad. I can make some gold. I never really focus on it the way those AH barons do. I am not someone that has been round for 10 years sitting on overflowing banks at gold cap. Not part of an elite progression guild that sells runs routinely.

I am just an average player. I do what I need to every week to get my seals/emblems/tokens/Justice/Valor or any of a dozen names out there.

Gold has always been one of those things I spend freely to help out people in guild, to replace that one item keeping them from advancing,making that enchant needing old hard to acquire materials, buying bags for new transfers to the server, handing out start up cash. I always seem to have enough for myself, I know what I can do to earn, but I do not do it as a full time job.

I know nothing I say to them will amount to barely a blip on the mountain of feedback the receive daily, so I will do like I always do, just go with it. If to advance I need to focus more on building my own fortune, at the expense of others, I will do so, but will not be happy doing it.