Tuesday, August 05, 2014

BETA: New Life

Sorry I'm late this morning. I was unavoidably detained by my own need to see stuff at close hand.


There's a new Beta Build in town, and as promised there is the ability for EU players to copy their toons to the Testing servers and HELLO HUNTER MOG :D It looks pretty good too, though I'm still hoping I might get a chance for a facial transform at some point, this will do for now. Of course, the first thing I did when I logged on this time wasn't rush for the Dark Temple for a Hydra or indeed to the Blasted Lands for the quests. I headed straight for the Bank :D


I wanted to finally understand for myself just how much space I'd have on P thanks to the changes in the game: I have only have three slots occupied in my reagent bank and have filled my second tab in Void Storage, and with the additions to the Toybox I find myself with OMG SO MUCH SPACE LOOOOOK at it :O If this Expansion does anything for people like me it will be to return us to a state where we can actually collect what we want and not worry about the contents of our bank :D It also means that for the first three days of 6.0 I'm not going anywhere near Nethergarde Keep, I'm sorting out my storage.


Nice Disclaimer, Mage Boy :D

The quests for the 'events' are now on the Heroes Call board in Stormwind, and despite still having to spawn camp mobs around Nethergarde Keep (which I'm pretty certain I reported) that area seems a fair bit more 'dynamic' than it was when I first visited it. There also appear to be a number of Rare Spawns in the area, though as yet dispatching them does not garner any rewards :D

I counted at least 3 in close proximity.

I also did what I was pretty certain was going to be deemed impossible on a PvE Realm and managed to flag myself by being able to attack mobs which, as being non-flagged I couldn't. I'd tweeted this one to @holinka and I look forward to seeing the response, because I do hope the 'no PvP' rule isn't just for the Draenor 'zone' ^^

Yes, deliberate P name there for recognition porpoises :P

I have two podcasts to finish today, so I won't get another chance to play until tomorrow, but when I do I want to push into Draenor to see how my Professions work in situ: I am really rather looking forward to skinning for the first time :D On this front, I would like to take a moment to mourn the departure of what used to be one of the biggest faffs in game back in the day and now has been removed, along with the Engineering item that made it.

Please stand for a moment and remember the awesome that was Refined Deeprock Salt:

Awwww :(

Start selling them now, people ^^

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Drea B said...

OMG, they're removing the salt shaker? That's so disappointing.