Thursday, August 14, 2014

BETA: Everybody's Changing

I *think* that's 6.30pm CEST but I'm not *that* sure

Finally, today is the day we discover when we get Warlords.

Normally I'd be glued to a screen, all ready for reaction and shizzle, but there's an extremely good chance I'll be in Disneyland Paris at the end of a very good day's worth of Being on Holiday, and so therefore I'll be coming at this announcement later than normal. However, I do still hope that there'll be a chance later tonight for some kind of observation/comment on what you guys get to see before me, albeit brief and covered with a discernible layer of Tinkerbell Pixie Dust ^^.

Whatever we see, and whatever does transpire, it is fair to say that this has been a pretty long, hard trip to the end of the expansion.

Pandaria promised so much at its inception, and the excitement of a new race is always something a little bit special, but this Expansion has suffered from circumstance, often far beyond its own control. I know that the Pandaren have become a part of the landscape for so many players but in the end Mists won't be remembered for what it bought, but what it ultimately came to represent: change. This is the end of a difficult cycle of content release and uncertainty, of internal issues at Blizzard and external delays that mean the release date we're about to be given could be ANYWHERE between September and December, with no-one really very sure of which date to ring on their Calenders.

There are those who'll tell you it's going to be the same week as the Brady Games Ultimate Guide releases because it always has been, but what this Expansion has taught us (amongst other things) is that historical precedent isn't always a certainty.

When you look at what we were given nearly a year ago, with this trailer, there's actually very little hint of what we could expect from Draenor except a lot of battling. What is becoming apparent from my time in beta and elsewhere is that this is a very different game to Pandaria that we are being offered in pretty much every possible regard. Whereas the last cinematic reveal was low on plot I sense we're going to be served something later today that is anything but: in fact, I feel we'll be returning to the Epic nature of the events of Northrend, and that I can see the Arthas/Sindragosa Cinematic being referenced with a throwback to Orcs v Humans roots that this Expansion borrows so heavily from.

The fact this trailer's also going to be premièred in a Classic LA Theatre in front of an invited audience plus at one of the largest Games conventions in Europe says to me Blizzard are well aware of the stakes involved here, and that this reveal has to be huge, and everywhere VERY FAST.

Let's see what they can do to up the stakes for the weeks ahead, shall we?

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WoW Adventurer said...

Very loud *NERRRRDDDSQUUUEEEEEEEEEAAALLL* from me. 3.5 hours to go! I am BEYOND excited!!