Thursday, August 07, 2014

BETA: Big Fun

Yeah, that pretty much covers all the bases.

In a move no-one actually anticipated (but the datamining of a Core Hound mount did suggest) Blizzard whipped out their 10th Anniversary celebrations yesterday morning US time, slapped them hard down on the Table of Player Expectations and watched the rivers of nostalgia flow. In amongst the chaos that followed after the announcement there were the smart voices that pointed out that if Molten Core's L100 and this is happening as an Anniversary celebration, then you're not getting your new Expansion until well past November 25th: well, that *could* be true, but I gave up second guessing how Blizzard are playing this game with any measure of accuracy sometime back in March. We may be used to a week of celebrations for Anniversaries under 'normal' circumstances but these are EXTRAORDINARY TIMES we live in so I'd not expect anything until the guys in Irvine actually tell us. I'd also anticipate this won't be the only celebration we get either. I'd bet on it.

For me, a lot of this is horribly bittersweet, because I could spend hours recalling memories of MC the first time around. The same is true for Southshore as well: this is where I admit I never deleted the Alt that went there for the first time, at L25, whose antics earnt me a retweet from Holinka yesterday.

Only two retweets BUT WHAT A TWO :D

That particular hunter has undergone a Race and Name change since then (began life as a Dwarf, unsurprisingly) but she still exists, sitting on my second account pretty much unlevelled since I abandoned her on Al'Akir, which appears to have been THE PvP Server of choice back in the day. She's with the rest of my Toons now on Shadowsong/Azsune however, and I've made the decision not simply to level her for the Expansion, but also to get her a set of Tier 1 in commemoration of this Massive Nostalgiafest. Because you know MEMORIES LIGHT THE CORNERS OF MY MIND *sniff*

Old Hunter, New Project.

Of course, there are already the dissenting voices, because Blizzard could give you a years' free sub and 10,000 gold and some people would still find fault in the action. The biggest issue this time around seems to be that the pet is Limited Time, but I suspect the bigger issue will be you'll need to actually purchase the Expansion to obtain it. Well, them's the breaks people, these guys need to make money somehow. Fortunately I appear not to follow that many whining grumpers and so this disgruntlement has largely passed me by. However, for anyone who feels suitably aggrieved by Blizzard's attack of generosity, I have the following message:

Seriously folks, GIVE IT A BLOODY REST. If you don't like what you're being offered stop moaning and just go and do something else. It isn't hard. I know that bashing Blizzard has become a competitive sport for some of you but really, you're not going to dampen the enthusiasm of those people who understand EXACTLY what the Company is doing here and think it is a great way to celebrate 10 Years of the Franchise. Be like those people for whom this doesn't bother them either way and they'll do a 40 man LFR once because it's there. Learn the value of having an opinion that's not deliberately tailored to start a fight.

It's a good life skill, if all else fails.

Ah, the Sideboard :D

This does mean, of course, that I'll be breaking with tradition and actively pursuing a complete set of Tier Gear for the first time since Mogging was introduced. HELL YEAH, except the hat which is woefully horrible and will be steadfastly ignored. That should guarantee it drops every damn time now, that's for sure.

Suddenly, I have a new Project that I'm genuinely looking forward to.


Blackdemon said...

"if Molten Core's L100 and this is happening as an Anniversary celebration, then you're not getting your new Expansion until well past November 25th"

Surely if it's L100, the expansion has to come out before the anniversary for you to be able to level up to 100?

Alternative Chat said...

The problem here is that if Blizzard release the game in late October, there's the chance the Race for Word First will happen in the middle of Blizzcon. It won't be ready for September at current rates, not by a long way, and summat pretty spectacular is going to have to happen to make that viable.

When we see the PTR come up we've got a couple of weeks before the pre-Patch event begins on Live servers.

Frankly, with the timescales we have, I think this Anniversary event could happen any time during the 10th Year of the game's inception :P

dobablo said...

I missed the blue saying you needed the expansion to get the pet. I can see that the mount requires MoD since that is a max level thing but I thought the pet only required a log-in.

Alternatively everyone that is L90+ gets level boosted to L100. I can also imagine illusion buffs putting the whole raid into T1 gear and everyone being an displaying as though they are L60.

Erinys said...

As another Ss v TM baby I'm so excited. When the Honor System went live I was ranked in the 10 ten on the server thanks to that lovely lovely place. Can't wait.

Drea B said...

If the expac isn't out before the anniversary, MC will have to be lvl 90 or all hell will break loose. They can't say they want people to take their time and explore the world and then put out MC at lvl 100 the same time the expac is launched. That would be really silly.

Are people really upset the pet is limited time? All the anniversary pets have been limited time, I'm not sure why this one would be any different.