Monday, August 18, 2014

#10Years10Questions: The Brilliant Things

Not a bad week, all told...

Those of you paying attention will have noticed I've been AFK [Europe] over the last week, but today sees me travelling back home and beginning the task of sorting what I know has been left for me in my absence, which is a MASSIVE response from you guys to my request just over a week ago. I asked you to share with me your Warcraft memories and you have done that IN YOUR HUNDREDS, and frankly I am still stunned every time a new Blog Post is pointed in my direction or a new Form is filled via my Google Docs.

As it stands at time of writing, I have the following to pour over:

  • 200 plus Form Responses
  • 70 Blog Posts (updated as of the 18th)
  • 6 Audio Responses
  • 6 Video Responses
  • 40 e-mailed Responses

with more promised in pretty much every department. I'll make a concerted effort on Monday evening to sit down and make sure I've picked up every response from over the weekend, and if you're reading the Master List Post on Tuesday and don't see your post mentioned, PLEASE poke me to be added.

I wanted to again thank every single person who has contributed in any way, shape or form to the Project, even if it has only been to retweet the original 10 Questions (yes I'm looking at YOU, Dave Kosak!)

Mention by Blizzard Staff = Priceless :D

I hope I can do justice to everyone who's taken part (and yet to do so) and I'll be sure to keep everyone informed of what stage of production I'm at in the weeks that follow. If you've not yet taken part in the Survey, you have until the first week of September to get your answers to me!

I look forward to hearing from even more of you in the next seven days :D

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