Wednesday, August 13, 2014

10 Years 10 Questions :: The Golden Age of Wireless

If you've arrived here today expecting a Podcast, this is a reminder that I'm on hiatus currently. However, I do have something a little special this morning as a bonus.

Logo Version #2 AWAY YOU GO.

Because I likes a bit of a laugh from time to time, and because my good friend Rho wanted summat a little special for his Realm Maintenance Podcast broadcast yesterday, I made the following snippet of audio for him to promote the #10Years10Questions Project with. I promised him Exclusive Rights (TM) on his show yesterday, and now that it's Wednesday I thought you guys might like to share too :D

Here is my Audio Appeal for #10Years10Questions:

If you'd like to use this audio on your Podcast or indeed your website, please feel free to snaffle it to SPREAD THE WORD :D It's very short, but I hope it is a good way of keeping interest up in the Project.

As a number of people have asked, I'll be closing the doors on submissions early in September, but I'm doing my utmost to keep up with new entries wherever they occur. That means I've copy/pasted a set of answers from someone else's blog comments page (thanks Grumpy Elf's ex GM!) and as long as you tell me where to find your answers, I will read them. I'd like to thank the various people with experience of dealing with questionnaire responses who have contacted me offering to help with processing the data too, and it's definitely something I'm now considering as the number of responses has exceeded three figures. To have well over a hundred people take part in only five days is staggering, and I hope I can keep the momentum going throughout the rest of this month.

A reminder that if you've not yet taken part you'll find a Survey Form at the top of this page. You can blog, podcast, video blog, semaphor, Morse Code or send by carrier pigeon your responses to the 10 questions you'll find on this Webpage.

I may not be here for the week, but trust me when I say to you I am listening to every response that is submitted. THANK YOU :D

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yoube said...

This is such a good idea. Glad to see the response has been overwhelming.