Sunday, August 10, 2014

10 Years 10 Questions :: Blown Away

You Guys :O

The last two days, I'll happily admit, have been like I've become someone else.

When I began this project on Friday I'd assumed I'd pick up a couple of dozen responses and that would be it. Never in my wildest dreams did I consider people would do You Tube answers, that they'd actually start websites to post their thoughts and ideas, that my Crappy Google Docs form would get as many uses as it has. I never thought I'd have a member of the Yogscast retweet my appeal either: these are amazing times we live in, and I thought it might be an idea for my sanity as well as your entertainment to this morning collate as many Blog post responses to the Survey as possible in one place. It'll make my life easier when I'm collating for research and you guys can read all the responses in one place.

[EDIT AUGUST 24th: I've been attempting to keep up with new posts, if you don't see your Blog on this list please gimme a poke in the comments!]

Here, therefore is my MASTER LIST (in no particular order) of  Responses to the #10Years10Questions Survey:

Blog Posts:

Audio Responses:

Video Responses:

As of August 19th, there is also a Reddit thread on Reddit/r/wow with 400 responses and climbing, which I'll also be looking at when I compile my results.

This list will be added to by me whenever a new answer appears (or I'm alerted to one.)

Needless to say, I need AS MANY RESPONSES AS POSSIBLE so I'm going to push this a bit next week (even though I'm away) to make sure I can keep the momentum going throughout August. If you're willing to help me, here's how you can.

  • USE THE #10Years10Questions Hashtag on Twitter
  • Ask ex-players to answer the Survey (because their responses matter too)
  • Do a Blog Post yourself and get added to the list!
  • Find an original way to get your 10 Answers to me!

THANK YOU AGAIN for taking part in this Survey: every answer matters, and I am incredibly grateful for every person who take the time to take part :D


Anonymous said...

My response was on The Grumpy Elf's blog, you can find it in his comment section. Thanks for posting the 10 questions, I enjoyed thinking about the answers I provided.

Adde said...

My response is located here ^-^

Bhagpuss said...

Hi! I found your great idea via a couple of blogs doing the Blaugust thing. My response is here:

Ald Shot First said...

Responses here:

Wilhelm Arcturus said...

My response, World of Warcraft – 10 Years 10 Questions

Talarian said...

My response:

mandi dickie said...

Hi my response is here

Kanter said...

My responses at MMO One Night a Week. This was a great idea which is why you are getting so many responses!

Haich said...

Mine can be found here now

dragonray said...

*poke* *poke

:D I didn't see it when I looked above :)

Alternative Chat said...

@Dragonray, You are added! :D

hasteur said...

In No Particular Order:
Sunnier's Art of War
Feckless Leader (Part 2)
Feckless Leader (Part 3)
Power Word Remix (5-10)

paeroka said...

I joined pretty late. Here is the link to my contribution:

~ Paeroka

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