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To Build a Home :: Second Time Around

Second Verse, SAME AS THE FIRST ^^

Yes, I KNOW it's not Friday (which is the normal time for this Feature) but for the second time of asking we have a MAHOOSIVE POST of STUFFS, so let's get right to the Exposition. I've been playing with Garrisons on beta, and discovered yesterday that COMPLETELY BY ACCIDENT that I could upgrade to a L2 overall Structure because my Town Hall was 'ready' (needs to be clearer, Blizzard.) So, having been told this, I rushed online (despite being supposed to be getting ready to go out) and discovered that yes, I had an upgrade:


Well, I wasn't going to leave this unexplored, now was I?

Welcome to your Level Two Garrison, which is now 'officially' referred to your Fort, because OMG LOOK AT THE BUILDING WORK. It is no wonder they never finished the stuff in Stormwind, you've got all the best construction people here, Ladies and Gentlemen. However, all is not well outside the walls of your Garrison...

As a salutatory reminder that this is a SAVAGE LAND in which we are living, there's a plot outside your front gates that has already been attacked by some undesirable elements. I think we may need more than a few Red Shirts out here to keep everything safe. It also shows those walls are serving an important purpose... :D

Let us retire to the safety of your new Home and take a quick tour around then, shall we?

Mr Longdrink now has an actual space to call his own. One assumes at level 3 we'll get summat for the Gryphons to sleep under and maybe some kind of Stables... and behind him is a man who appears to be selling items that one might want to stick on the walls of our Town Hall. I suspect I'll come back to him at some point.

I've spoken to a few people who were confused when their Garrison opened up as to the locations of all the old stuff from Level 1, but actually everything does pretty much stay exactly where it was (with the notable exception of the Town Hall, which we will be back to in a second) Here is your Barracks, next to your Heroes Call Board. WTB [Upgrade Plans] PST.

Oh, and because this is the Alliance and running water is the ultimate indicator of civilisation, we haz Fountain. Needless to say, the piping on that alone was what took the longest to complete. But in good news, SHOWERS in every room :D

New plots have opened, but as yet there are no indicators of how you can utilise them (GIEF NEXT BUILD) We also have quest 'buildings' that can be unlocked, which include the Fishing Shack, the Mine and the Herb Garden. I'll be pushing to 92 this week to see how many of these I can unlock.

From the steps of your Town Hall down to the gates, you can see the layout remains largely static. By the gate is your Alchemy Lab, with the empty plot still opposite, and your Barracks is still up to the left. The biggest change is the small tent that was your Town Hall which has become... well a tad larger.

I need a better picture of this with the tower (WTB Portrait Screenshot capacity) but you know this is home because that's where you'll find your mailbox. Inside as you go in on the left you'll find your Missions and Followers table, and in the largest Town Hall room is the Architects Table and Mr Alexton at the back. Go poke about and get yourself orientated, but if you're used to the inside of Alliance buildings then none of this will be a total surprise. Thank you to those people who pointed out that's my Monument 'plinth' left in shot :D

As you can see, fortifications have come quite a long way in a level.

There is also a space for another Medium Plot by the Town Hall. Space is used very well here, I have to say, and placement of buildings seems fairly logical. To give you an idea of the Level Two layout:

The three locked Buildings are currently outside the walls of your Garrison. Lets take a look at them now.

Here is your Herb Garden (bottom locked building) with a small space to the left (which could well become your Barn when unlocked) and a plot of land to the right (which is already being tended to by Farmer, the Farmer ^^) There is also an important structure here that should be noted in reference to the Tillers Farm:

The chew Murloc and the food bowl are there, we just needs the Dog :D

As you can see, our 'patch' is quite modest but as I've only been here for a level it really isn't that bad. Keep working Mr Farmer!

Currently in the space next to your Herb Garden is a Blacksmith NPC, who may (or may not) have relevance. Needless to say, I'll do a full NPC post on the Other Blog at some point in the future.

Your Mine (middle locked building) has also got a little less basic and now your Mining NPC has somewhere to keep his tools.

However, the guy at the Fishing Shack (top locked building) has got a bit of a raw deal, because it appears at present that they've stuck him next to an area that might 'appear' to have fish, but doesn't as yet possess any actual water ^^

I think they'll be fixing that as well in an upcoming Build ^^


There is likely to be far more pictures from this Build over the course of the next week, including amended shots of the L1 Garrison from the Horde site. For those details and much more, remember to keep your eye on my Garrisons Blog, where all of this is going to be kept as I discover it in the weeks and months that follow :D

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