Thursday, July 24, 2014

To Build a Home :: Homeward Bound

New logo from @wabbage :D

Today, we will have some music, thank Wabby for the awesome new graphic, and then we will tell you all about the wonders of the Level 3 Garrison.

Last night I was able to complete my Lumber Mill and as I did, the option to upgrade to Level Three appeared. Needless to say, there was much squeeing and bouncing in my chair, and then many pictures were taken. Here for you are the results with some annotation for context, and because frankly I could go on about this feature for MONTHS and still not get bored of it.

Gates go bye-byes :(

So L3 means a lot of stone but oddly, no gate, which considering I know everyone on this continent is going to attempt to kill me at some point seems a bit lax in the security department. Remind me to put that in my feedback post for the Forums.

Looking good, Garrison!

Even though the Horde clearly got the better deal in the space and layout departments, Alliance gots TREES (which is good considering the rate I'm going to be cutting them down, but more on that later) and the benefit of some fabulous backdrops for screenies.) I need to double check monument positions but I feel that the central courtyard could do with some more positionable items: lawn chairs maybe, or even some kind of BBQ. What would be particularly awesome is if your Garrison reflected the current running Festival/World Event with an NPC or a small stand (a la Darkmoon Mage.) I'll add that to the list.

Bigger space, more walls.

Inside the Town Hall is still only one storey (but plenty of room for Expansion) and there are a large number of places that are screaming out 'Look, you'll be able to customise us later!' The wall hanging here are in the Main Hall too, and my money is on you being able to use the crests of the Reputations you are exalted with to decorate them with. There's also the slightly less awesome chance that they'll just show Warlords Exalted reputations, and I'm hoping if I get in early and suggest a bigger canvas, we might get some negotiation going.

As you walk into the Main Hall, emissaries from all of the Alliance factions are waiting (no interaction as yet) plus, as you can see, you can now hold parties here. I know there's been a bit of discussion this week about whether Garrisons are housing or not: my take is that if someone else is telling me where to put my tables and chairs and I can't move them, this isn't housing. This is very much a static 'base' with some customisable elements. I cannot rip this lot out and make it my own way, so...

Anyway, you should be particularly interested by the Gnome in the corner.

No, not that one.
THAT Gnome ^^

Sparz is your Blueprints Vendor, and on Beta now that meant when I'd established my Lumber Mill in Gorgrond she sold me the equivalent plans. No idea if that's how it will work on Live or not, but this should mean I can build a Bunker at some point today :D Needless to say I have small plots too to fill, so there will be MUCH POKING.

Okay ^^

This woman appeared overnight, and appears to be critiquing her own art. I wonder if this means we may have painting change options ^^ I also have some more internal shots for you: note the wall hangings, all waiting to be filled with YOUR STUFFS.

This last one is interesting.

Those shields on the walls have 'Trophies' written all over them. I really hope it won't be animal heads ^^ Anyway, that's the biggest change covered, out we go...

To the left of the Town Hall, as we look at it here, is the space where, in L2, your Pet Battle Arena has now sprung into life. In possibly the most smile-creating moment of last night it appears that Liopleurodon, the undisputed Pet Battle Mastermind, has been further recognised with a Worgen NPC named after her (note: she has a dialogue box, CLICK IT.) There is also a Pet Battle Post, which when clicked will bring forward a battle between you and the three mobs you can see in the ring. WARNING: this is PROPER HARD. Do not attempt until Lio's done a Guide on it :P

Lio on the Left /waves 
Click at your Peril ^^

Your Garrison Walls have now extended sufficiently to cover the Herb Garden, which is now better populated and has a quest for me (presumably) when I hit 96. That means that I will be able to grow my own things. Sadly, I am yet to access the Fishing Shack or indeed the Mine, which has been persistently bugged for me since I arrived. However, I do realise that if I *learnt* fishing, at least one of those situations might change. Remind me when I'm done here.

These two buildings are outside the walls, but don't panic coz we got an AWESOME tower to defend them with:

Already Familiar :D

Inside there are empty lots waiting to be filled, and many details to be taken in at your leisure. Needless to say, this is not the last you've heard from me with the L3 Garrison by quite some way. I'll stick all these together into an Album at some point, and we'll be adding more details as the feature continues to grow in Beta.

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Kamalia said...

Oh, yes, the Garrison should definitely have decorations for the holidays -- though maybe just on the Inn and Town Hall; every building might be a little too much party.

If you choose one building to begin with, you can take it down and build the other one instead later, if you've got the appropriate blueprints, right? From how well-meshed the garrison and questing seem to be, I'm beginning to think that when I level with my husband, we'll just have to pick the same set of buildings -- and then I'll probably want to change some of them later.

You may not know this yet, but when you do, I'd like to know, too -- how easy will be to change your followers? For example, if you have to choose between Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, and you choose Alvin, could you later decide to fire Alvin and hire Simon or Theodore instead? Or if you meet Huey, Dewey, and Louie, but you are already at your maximum of 20 followers, could you then fire Alvin so that you can hire Huey?