Monday, July 14, 2014

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An interesting turn of events...

You will be well aware that, if a regular visitor to this parish, we hold fairly short shrift with the concept that complaining about anything will get you what you want. Except, of late, this approach appears to have had some benefit in game. The Garrison particularly seems to have been affected by the power of positive complaint, and as an example of this we present Exhibit A: the Name Change.

This is interesting.

Blizzard were VERY clear that architecture, because of time constraints, would be presented as a 'generic' Alliance and Horde 'flavour' inside the first iteration of the Garrison. However, in the last week, we have seen a distinct lead away from a 'standard' and towards a far more diverse Alliance Garrison, with the introduction of the Dwarven Armoury and the Gnomish Gearworks. Here are the current buildings held in the game files (from Wowhead's new and comprehensive Guide) for each building:

Armoury top, Workshop bottom.

Looking at these two, I'd hazard a guess we'll be using the same artwork for the Gearworks as we have here already for the Workshop, with just the odd reposition of Gnomish doodads here and there :P The artwork is sufficiently generic for it not to need a complete redesign. However, I reckon we might see a completely new set of files for the Armoury, but this shouldn't be a problem, because (as you can see) completed artwork does not seem to have been inserted into the Game files yet anyway (hence the number that still remains on the building ^^)

This change then begs the question: what else could Blizzard now change in order to make Garrisons more attractive to a wider range of players?

This can't be too much of an ask, surely?

I suspect a lot of people will be happy with the buildings as is if they get their own factions' guards to patrol the whole thing (especially as said Human guards salute whenever you go past) so I'm wondering just how hard an ask it is to do this. It makes sense that you'd want your own faction watching your back, sure, but that's NEVER what this game has been about, not for a decade. What I'd like to see is a truly diverse set of guards from ALL the Factions doing the job of defending the new world: it isn't just up to the Dwarves, after all (in my case.) That's the bigger issue with specifying architecture, there's the possibility for xenophobia, and in a game so tightly wound around its factions and NOT the races, there ought to be a bit of everything in the mix.

Then there is the question of decoration :D

Bring back the ENORMOUS STATUE :D

Cosmetic items are big business, just ask the people making money in Wildstar from just that (and they ARE.) How far Blizzard is prepared to go down this road is still largely unclear, but the addition of a second Monument stand in the latest builds seems to imply that the designers get that this is going to matter. It surely can't be beyond the bounds of possibility that there could be a vendor stall in your Garrison that sold such items at some point in the future, now could it? :P

Replace the weaponry, and BOOM!

The key, of course, to all of this potential change is the amount of time the developers have before stuff has to be set in stone for shipping. The way Builds are being thrown out however, I'd not put ANYTHING by Blizzard in the weeks to come...

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dobablo said...

If the Human guards salute, I want my Dwarf guards moon me (especially the ones around the beer barrel).