Saturday, July 19, 2014


Aaaand breathe :D

In an attempt to restore the 'Fun' into my gametime in this quite long, fallow period, I have returned to a mainstay of historical interest. This week, as a result, I now have 17000 Achievement Points.

Even though the PvP playtime I managed was woeful, I was able to pick the two achievements up in the same game. I declined a spot on Progression last night (well done Guild for killing Blackfuse in Flex) and started Felwood. About thirty minutes ago I finished 1000 Needles. The sense of satisfaction is actually considerable as that means there is no more to do in the Old World at all. It also means I should have sufficient pieces of 'Sundering' Mail Armour from the 1-60 rewards to make up a complete Transmog for P. I have a bag of bits to sort out after I've written this, but I'm tempted to wear something as a 'celebration' of finally knocking this off for the run up to the Pre-Expansion Patch.

I'd like to thank Wowhead for helping me by the means of their Character Planner tool, I'm grateful I was able to do this WITHOUT Archaeology (though that is next on the list) and it means I'm into a whole new number in my search for TOP QUALITY POINTAGE.

It's a Firestarter. Jaina's Firestarter (hey, hey, hey!)

Part of me is really sad more people didn't embrace the redesign Blizzard instigated during Cataclysm for the 1-60 content. Both Felwood and 1000 Needles are great examples of new stories in old spaces, even if some of the time I found myself thrown back to Vanilla (especially when looting corpses underwater in the latter zone.) I also realised just how trivial content becomes, regardless of level, when you throw flying into the mix. I'm not just talking about travel times (which are stupidly small) but the ability to avoid all killing completely in many cases by simply swooping in, 'acquiring' your Quest items and moving on. It is a salutatory reminder to anyone who thinks that flying as a mechanic isn't capable of completely altering the landscape of an Expansion, because it really can. Having said all that, of course, the convenience it brings is pretty much without question.

One Woman (Wyvern) Army.

It has been quite liberating playing in a space that doesn't crash every ten minutes, where I'm not expected to perform to the best standard I can, and where the green drops I have could be worth four figures at current AH prices (I had THREE bits of Tyrants Armour drop within 10 minutes of each other) It is easy to forget that current content isn't ever all there is in Azeroth, and when there is no pressure to level and only your own expectations to consider, things take on a fairly relaxed pace. After all, I didn't come here to try and grind a mount that is a difficult drop, or to do a complicated achievement sequence. I just came here to Quest, and on its simplest level that still remains for me one of the most consistently enjoyable parts of this game's allure. THIS is where I find fun, and as long as remains true I'm not going anywhere.

Illidan v Arthas IN FELWOOD :O WHO KNEW? ^^

Of course, what this does mean is that the number of achievements I can grab alone is becoming rapidly smaller. There may need to be actual plannage as a result in order to make my way to 18000.

I'll get on that right now.


Evlyxx said...

Hey grats on 17k, that is certainly Over 9000!

Navimie said...

Grats Godmother!

Drea B said...

Congrats on the 17k achievement points.

You do realise that the people going through that content at level don't have flying? Flying in those zones isn't available until you have far out leveled the content.