Monday, July 28, 2014


All about the Visuals...

After the Reset Button on Friday, I got some time yesterday to plough through some levelling. It must be said that the Server generally is considerably more stable than it has been at any point in my development experience: the transition between Garrison and Shadowmoon is now virtually seamless. I have now noticed that certain followers do not 'appear' if you take quests in a particular sequence, and I'm beginning to understand the significance of the Bonus Objective in the business of levelling quickly. These 'Crossed Swords' areas on maps are where a player is asked to kill a certain number of mobs (and contain silver spawns and/or vignettes, as is the case with Torvath's blade) give very good XP, and are currently farmed to extinction on Beta. I shouldn't have to spawn camp in Draenor, but last night I was forced to, and that needs to be looked at.

There's something you don't see every day.

I've also discovered the L100 only area in Shadowmoon, which I suspect will be played out across all the Zones in one form or another. We've been promised a lot of End Game Content that isn't 'normal' from the Developers, including the concept of the 'weekly' quest:

Yes, there is a Plan.

We've not given much thought here as to what happens when we've hit the cap, but clearly Blizzard are already on the case. I also note the use of the words 'female' and 'Warlord' in the same sentence, and await further developments with interest. Our Blood Elf and Draenei compatriots above are clearly part of another 'story' and I'm tempted to go on a bit of an exploration spree to see what I can turn up for myself. Needless to say, I am becoming fully aware of just how much there is to do in Draenor, and how little time I have to explore as a result.

I'm also aware that Garrisons may require a bit of a rethink in terms of characters and motivation for levelling them. The Ore and Herb 'bags' that were dropping to allow me to complete work orders have been removed from the game (intentionally or otherwise) and without a working mine I have no means to progress the Alchemy Lab or learn new patterns. What this has made me consider is just how I'd expect to progress crafting without a solid raft of raw materials at my disposal from the word go, and that it might actually be an advantage to have a character with only two gathering professions maxxed as someone who is run through 90-100 as a matter of priority, so I don't have to wait for my Mine and Herb Garden to be at capacity to make the most of professions.

Needless to say, I'll be thinking about this at length this week and you can expect a Blog Post at some point, because with the number of professions I have to level, I think it might actually be worth some pre-planning before we hit Warlords proper.

Entertain me.

Finally, I could do with finding a way back to Ashran that doesn't involve me being forced to set my hearthstone there. No, I don't want a Mage Tower either. What I do need is some time to get everything that's going on a chance to sit in my brain and find a decent level of connection... ^^

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TheGrumpyElf said...

I look forward to that post. I am not in beta so I can not test things out but what I set them up to do will play a huge part of the game for me. I am one of those profession people that loves to have them all maxed and that will go for garrisons as well.

I am sure I will be digging any posts that dwell a little on what would be best to give garrisons based on professions to make the most out of them.

Being I am not in beta I am counting on you. ;)