Thursday, July 24, 2014

BETA: The Trees


If you intend to level from 90-100 using your Garrison as a base of operations, you will be presented with a number of choices in your early levels of questing. For instance, in Gorgrond after you save an errant party of Draenei and Dwarves from the rather hostile Wildlife, you are asked which of these two structures you would like to add as the basis of your Outpost in the Zone. My interest has been primarily to focus on the usefulness of the Lumber Mill, which provides the following bonuses for your Garrison:

Compared with the Sparring Arena, this building seems a bit... well, repetitive. The Arena is full of things to help you stay alive in Warlords, and this is... well, wood. However, for anyone who intends to skip the Garrisons and come back to them and wants to make sure they can construct their buildings in a hurry, this Building will be the go-to first construction to get your supplies of Resources up and running fast, without the need for that much questing. Because, once the Building *is* up, you'll meet Justin Timberlord.

Your Horde NPC pun may vary.

Justin will ask you to pop outside your Garrison and find a tree to chop down. Don't worry, one is marked on the map for you and once you gather the Lumber and return it to him, you'll be given A NEW GATHERING SKILL (oooooooo)

Buttered Scones time soon ^^

The Logging skill is not a replacement for other gathering skills, and appears to be purely passive. Once you have it, Trees that can be chopped down will appear on your minimap, and when they are chopped they'll look like the screenie below.

Note the Minimap.
I am assuming they respawn as herb nodes do, and there are three types of trees to 'collect' Those that require Lumber Mill 20 will need a L2 Building in your Garrison, those requiring 30 will need the L3 structure.

Too big, dat tree.

This is all very exciting, but there are some caveats to be discussed. Most notably is the number of resources you can hold in your Garrison at any one time at present (1000) which if you are questing initially is very easy to hit. I would venture to suggest that if you intend to do 90-100 entirely via the medium of quests and the like, you'd be far better off taking the Sparring Arena as a first port of call because of the benefits it gives for solo/group questing. If all you are doing is completing quests the flow of Resources is pretty constant (and they are available from lots of other places to boot.) However, if you come in late, the Lumber Mill allows quick gathering of resources, assuming you remember that small trees are everywhere and not just in Shadowmoon Valley.

Needless to say, the addition of a new gathering skill, even passive, was something exciting enough for me to be gathering lumber in darkness without realising I'd not turn the lights on after the sun went down last night. That in itself  is an indicator of my interest in this feature. Blizzard are clearly doing something right.

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