Friday, July 18, 2014

BETA :: To Build a Home :: Main Offender

You win this round, Beta Server!

There's a new Beta Build (18566 for those counting.) Many things are fixed, but one thing remains a rather depressing constant:


Your Garrison is effectively instanced content. You don't see a loading screen, and the process of 'transferring' between it and Shadowmoon is supposed to be seamless. Except, ever since the first iteration of Alpha and the Horde base, it hasn't been. There's always been an issue involving the movement in and out of it on foot. Flying isn't nearly as much of  a problem, but after the hour it took this morning to get out of my Garrison and set my Hearthstone somewhere else I proved this point and wondered why the Hell I didn't do this sooner. Needless to say I had planned to get to 92 before I wrote this post, and I'm still 91. Ho hum.

However, I come with many nuggets of news on how 18566 has changed the Garrison Experience. Let's start with the changes to Missions:

NOT Six? :O

For many, MANY builds the Mission Report has been incorrectly reporting the number of completed events. Not only is it now accurate, but we have some important changes to the interface itself.

64%, you say? /waggles hand

All your Missions, as you select Followers to complete them in the relevant screen, will now report the percentage chance of success if you use a particular member of your personal army. You can 'drag and drop' every member and check the best chances if you can't work out which abilities counter each threat too, so don't worry. For the first time of asking this morning I logged on to find the number of missions I had actually exceeded the number of followers I possess. Even more satisfyingly, whenever you level a follower, they get their own Mini-Ding animation. This pleases me a GREAT deal, though I am sad I will never see Archmage Vargoth get the golden glamour in this Expansion :(


This means looking at your Garrison Report can now be quite a worthwhile experience :D You'll find it attached to your minimap, and it lists everything currently 'in progress' inside the structure:

As you can see, I've done a Transmute, there are two missions on the go and YES I BOUGHT THE PATTERN FOR A STOREHOUSE:

Yes, I built it there!

I decided on the Storehouse not simply because I don't have another readily fuellable profession to stick in its place: as you can see by the details this Building will be granting me bank and Void Storage access without the need to visit a Capital City, which while levelling would be a considerable diversion. Plus this will allow me to produce more Work Orders in the subsequent Buildings I place. You'll also notice that the Fishing Shack has vanished as an unlockable. It may well return at 92, but for now I only have the Mine and the Herb Garden to consider.

The Herb Garden has gained a Night Elf NPC, and an interesting yellow intractable box labelled as shown. Although you can do nothing with it of now, I'd bet that this will link into the Trading Post once it is active.

There's also an interesting change in the Plots menu away from the deliberate removal of some unlockable content:

Making things easier.

Clicking on an empty plot will now call up the list of available buildings you can fill it with. Also, it is now possible to allocate a follower to the Alchemy Lab, and (if you can find the plans and unlock the building) it is ready to upgrade when you secure the required number of Garrison Resources:

That's a lot of changes and I've only scratched the surface of the new Build in a couple of hours. I'll be summarising all of this on the Garrisons Blog, and watch out for me talking about this feature LIVE at the weekend on 8BitBruce's Podcast! More details at the weekend, but if you wanna hear me ramble, I'll be doing just that!

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Tobias Tegge said...

I don't know how masses of menues should make me feel immersed in that game.

Actually, I haven't read anything in your blog posts so far that sounded in any way immersing. I supposedly have a bunch of prominent WoW characters who by some mysterious reason obey me.

But I'm no leader at all. Maybe I don't lead a guild, I don't even lead a raid. I just take part in it and after years of playing I'm still the one, who takes orders.

It's not that I'd think really hard aboutthe game, before it starts to fall apart.