Wednesday, July 23, 2014

BETA : Our House

I made it to Talador today after I hit 94 on the Beta, and was faced with a choice when I arrived at the hastily-constructed Alliance Outpost: either the plans for the Mage Tower for my Garrison or the Armoury. The portal options the Tower gives are great, but it is the Armoury I have the most interest in, because of the possibilities it offers in Transmog:


It was therefore an easy choice to make and once I did. OH BOY. Am I ever in love if this is what we'll get in our Garrison:


Inside is even more awesome, if that were possible:

I'm not sure as yet what else we can expect here, but I was immediately encouraged to see that this Building has an inbuilt Missions table. If this is standard for all 'completed' Outpost buildings, it will make the business of keeping up to date in the early levels far more convenient:

The Lumber Mill in Gorgrond is pretty much still a shell for me but that's only because I've not yet completed the 'pre-quests' I am assuming will open it for use. My priority therefore is to get that working and see if this will allow me legitimate L3 access, which I know is now possible looking at other testers. To that end I'll be completing Gorgrond before I come back here, but these pictures deserved to be shared sooner rather than later because OMG I WOULD HAVE TOTALLY TAKEN THE RAID TIER FOR A DWARVEN BASED GARRISON.

Are you listening, Garrison Devs? :P

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