Friday, July 18, 2014

BETA :: Notes from a Small Island :: 18/07

This latest build of the game has opened up Ashran on the PvP only servers deployed for this purpose. I don't have enough time to test the NORMAL PvE servers currently, let alone get myself thrown into this side of things, but there are a couple of things to note at this juncture in the interests of full disclosure:


Season One PvP Gear looks UNBELIEVABLY good for Hunters. Minimalist, elegantly co-ordinated and frankly UTTERLY KICKASS. You don't need all that fiddly gubbins with accents and decoration, really, this is the stuff. Maybe, just maybe, I found a justification for grinding stuff for PvP after all. Well done, Blizzard. WELL DONE.

This gear's composition has also sparked some lively debate. This is the DEFAULT Hunter set I was given on rolling a 100, and yes, it's just like TBC all over again insofar as this gear has Intellect on it. Yes, that stat is greyed out too and that means this set is good for any flavour of mail wearer, ofc I'm not utilising this stat so the game ignores it on me. There's two sides to this change: if you happen to be the only mail wearer in a 10 Man Normal and Shaman Mail drops, you can at least use it for the iLevel. On the flip side, this will promote more people rolling Need on Hunter gear and THAT JUST AINT RIGHT GURL. Everybody knows its our job to roll Need. Let's see how this one works out in a year, shall we?

PS: PvP iLevel is gonna be a HUGE thing, especially in places like Ashran. This isn't going to mean I can use one set of gear for everything. Better make some space for a PvP set, then ^^


Logging on for the first time to the PvE Server today, a number of things jumped out at me:

1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's made that typo :P

2. We get a new splash screen for the Adventure Journal. See, they spelt it right there ^^

A tooltip was added to alert players that your 'main' bag now has an option for 'cleanup' (that is to organise everything and to maximise for space. All bags that are not your 16 slot 'Backpack' also have this option, where you can specify (in general terms) what items are placed in them. I don't have any bags in my bank as yet, so I can't tell you if this extends to banking, but I'm going to guess it does. Also, the Toybox has had another 5 items added to it. No, I'm not going to work out what they are.

What I will try and do though is to finally get myself to 92 so I can get some more Garrisons gubbins done... :D

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