Sunday, July 13, 2014

BETA: Notes from a Small Island, 13/07

Been an interesting week on the Beta front. I've abandoned two characters thus far on the Alliance side in order to get to a point where I know I can complete Missions without them bugging on completion (which appears to be working well thus far.) I'm discovering Followers all over the shop (note to self: do all Bonus Objectives regardless of you not being sold by the gimmick because EXTRA FOLLOWER CHANCE) and as if by magic, as soon as I was able to complete my Garrison Alchemy Lab, L2 Garrison was ready to roll. Now all I need to do is track back and complete the quests I've already done to max me at 92 and see what else I can gain access to. Plus, I have a few things to write about in reference to how things could be better. I'll start on that in the morrow.

Bonus Objectives. Actually worthwhile.

Things are generally a lot smoother than they have been, but certain quests refuse to complete, others are problematic (especially in busy areas) and the fact my gamma setting keeps defaulting back to 'screw this I'm not letting you see ANYTHING at night' is causing some deaths, plus /headdesk moments. All in all however things seem a great deal simpler, and the fact that yesterday evening I saw a Server reset to correct a phasing issue gives me encouragement that things are being watched quite carefully from 'up high.'

Note to Self: mouseover ALL THE THINGS. Lots of stuff in this Expansion isn't explained, and you are going to discover it by yourself :D

In a questline you're wandering around in a swampy bit and you'll notice these Wasps Nests in the trees, which are actionable. Knock them down and they are lootable, inside which you'll find a buff food and those all important Garrison Resources. I am going to assume that anything is potentially an actionable in this Expansion as a result. Watch me wandering around trying to click on everything and anything as a result. This is also why having the auras on items of interest is probably a Good Idea (TM) at least on your first trip through the content :D

You can cut down this tree if you have a Lumber Mill.

Finally (and I'll cover this in more detail tomorrow and on the Garrisons Blog) inside your Garrison Buildings is now FAR more entertaining than it was in previous builds. For example:


This is the interior of your L2 Town Hall, and frankly if the rest of the game looked this good, I doubt anyone would complain about graphical quality. This is where I have to hope that as a result of this, Blizzard will consider thinking about updating more than just the current Expansion's worth of stuff. This in Elwynn? YES PLEASE. Maybe they're not as intractable as we thought either on that point:


So, only generic Human architecture EH BLIZZARD?

More on that tomorrow...

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sprowt said...

I rather liked the little white flowers in that area that gave you a 10 minute water walking buff :-)