Thursday, July 10, 2014

BETA :: Notes from a Small Island 10/07

Frankly, you can all stop now. Whatever you've done in Beta, the things you have discovered or achieved, are now UTTERLY IRRELEVANT. Sorry to break this to you, guys, but the only thing that matters now is in my Garrison.


I don't care about anything else right now, OUR GUILD MASCOT IS A FOLLOWER :O Heck, not only is he Rare quality he's L100 to boot, and the fact he still CBA to leave Dalaran to work for you and sends the image instead is frankly a stroke of genius. Actually, that's not the only thing to get excited about in today's new build, for many things have changed and a great many of these are definitely moves in the correct direction.

Top Quality Bird.

The new HQ Gryphon Stop is a thing of beauty. The birds have new animations and even their nests have been upgraded. It is an indicator of what a difference it makes if you take something old and make it new again, especially in a game this old. If this isn't enough to get you excited, go take a look inside the Level 2 Barracks:


My other new best thing ever about Garrisons is now that every time you pass an Alliance Troop person they STOP AND SALUTE YOU. They are all Human currently, but there is the possibility this could change. I know this coz I had a conversation about it with Cory Stockton yesterday. BOOOOOM!

Casual as you like :P

Having Dwarves salute me, frankly, would NEVER GET OLD because Commander and yeah, I'd put up with being attacked for that, even if I was utterly crap at defending (see previous post.) Oh, talking of which, I found a breadcrumb quest for that as well, pretty much totally by accident. I'd just taken part in a MASSIVE PLOT SPOILER for Warlords, and I'm standing there letting the enormity of what I'd just seen sink in and then...

Here's your initial starting quest: at this point it doesn't lead you anywhere except to the turn in at the other end, but the time will soon be upon us, and there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth as I have to learn to do ANOTHER new thing that has absolutely nothing to do with how well I can play a hunter and is more about how quickly I can learn to pick up a new set of skills. UTTERLY DOOMED ^^

However, I did find summat a bit awesome.

I sleep all night and I work all day :D

A bunch of Achievements went up in this build and amongst them is one for cutting down trees (cue Environmentally friendly objections here.) It appears that you can do this yourself, because when I moused over this tree in Beta my cursor changed into a circular saw blade. I need a Lumber Mill, and fortunately for me I have a quest now to go rescue some Lumberjacks. Could they be related? ^^ I also hear that a Tannery might not be out of the question too, I'll just have to keep questing.


Also pleased to say that there is a far larger racial diversity in the Fortress this Build around. Long may it continue.


Rares are no so common it seems a bit pointless to call them Rares, if I'm honest. General agreed with me today as well, but I'm not sure what we'd call them as a result. Exceptional Loot Mobs would be my choice but I'm not even sure that's a fair summation. I dunno, I think maybe Silver Dragons should be for the normals and Silver Vignettes should be for the bigger 'events.' Answers on a postcard, people.

I really need to find some more Followers so I can start doing some new Missions... ^^


Andy Farrell said...

Well they're not common mobs, so maybe... Uncommons?

Or maybe Veterans?

bbr said...

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Alternative Chat said...

I am considerably more prolific, if you check my stats, 6 years of blogging :P