Sunday, July 06, 2014

BETA: New Life

Oh aye?

Sunday is traditionally a Slow News Day. Seeing this screenie pop up from several people in my Twitter feed therefore was too good an opportunity to miss out on, so I went to look at the site myself. If you want to see the listing, this link still works as of writing this post. Newegg are (I am reliably informed by US people) a decent and solid retailer, and so to see that they are offering XBox Credit for Warlords is, it has to be said, rather interesting. A large part of me thinks this is a genuine mistake, but there is always the possibility... and it throws up a large number of random and not totally unconnected thoughts as a result. I sense bullet points incoming...

  • Should Warcraft go to console, that's another game I won't be able to play because I SUCK AT CONTROLLERS.
  • This could possibly be an explanation for a number of high profile departures in recent months but I'M NOT SUGGESTING ANYTHING HONEST /runs away you didn't see me it was someone else...
  • This would put ability pruning in a VASTLY different light.
  • It would mean that integration stuff that happened with consoles on the quiet a while ago wasn't just for Diablo ^^
  • Will I be able to get it on the Steam Console when it goes live? /ponders
  • Arcane Mages are already wondering what they'd do with the other 3 buttons (badum-tish)
  • It would mean I'd have a bigger screen to play on but I'd have to wear my glasses to do so (BOO). I suppose we could move the sofa ^^
  • WE'D NEED 4 CONSOLES IN THIS HOUSE FOR EVERYONE TO PLAY :O No, don't even want to think about that... ^^
  • So, how do I no scope using a Rogue?
  • If Battle Pets don't get their own mini game app as a result THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD /wounded

I'll just sit here now and wait for Blizzard to get back to work tomorrow and debunk this, because they're going to do that. Yes, they are, there is NO WAY this is a real thing, it is simply a mistake.



[EDIT: We now take you live to Twitter, where this has been posted:

Carry on!]

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