Saturday, July 26, 2014

BETA :: Here You Come Again

Deliberately Spoiler Free.

The great big Reset button got pressed (finally) yesterday evening and we're in Build 18594, which means for those of us in Europe still unable to copy characters that I got myself yet another Hunter off the shelf and went to work on a) This bit of the new content above (from the Blasted Lands side) and then b) The other bit in Tanaan. As I tend to be less that complimentary about stuff I don't like, I've come to the conclusion that whoever's designed the precursors to Shadowmoon and Frostfire isn't really doing the 'new' game that Blizzard is championing any justice at all. In fact, this section of content is linear, predictable and fairly depressing. I had to spawn camp in the Blasted Lands because of volume of players (how long before Blizzard learn to stop specifying particular mobs for dispatch?) and how long before we can finally choose ALL of our options for questing and not simply the ones in specific zones?

Tanaan was depressing enough to become funny the second time around: having an omnipotent saviour as a guide is quite amusing when you're the one doing all the killing and he just turns up for the moments of theatre. In one bound, every time, we were free when I could have skipped the quest points and just let my saviour do the work, which is sad when these acts are clearly supposed to inspire and awe you, when all you do is wonder what he can't just port you to the end of the zone so you can go the content where you get the choice of what to do. That's the biggest problem when you've created brilliant variety beyond the bit you were forced to bolt on to 'train' the 90 premades: you can't make it anything more than on rails if you're going to tie players to a specific number of steps to 'claim' their abilities. I'll reiterate that a quest line where people actually have to use them in appropriate situations would have been better, but when you have so many classes to cover, this is probably the best anyone could expect. Trouble is, it just highlights the fact this looks as if it was bolted on as an afterthought, which it clearly was.

I REALLY hope they come good on the promise and allow you to skip the thing when you've done it once.


However, I now know where people were picking up Parrots. I'm going to need more stable slots, although the opportunity to tame a new style Shadow Wolf has been removed from the equation (at least for now.) No doubt this will be stuck behind some ridiculous questline or set of tasks that will need to prove my worth as a Hunter. I kind of liked the days when you could just pick up the pets you wanted without having to prove your worth. Yes, I just typed that, and I entirely understand why all this stuff gets done, but my biggest issue when playing is time and if I have to wait around for summat 325 other people are trying to tame? It's a waste of my online experience.

Find something else.

Oh, what a bitter and cynical player I have become... and clearly an old one. Whereas a couple of years ago I would have stayed up to complete Tanaan so I was ready to progress today, I got to 12.30 this morning and walked away. Mostly it was the sheer numbers of people in the Starting Zone, the fact that despite insane respawn rates elsewhere they didn't exist in Tanaan and I had to wait for the mobs I needed, and most importantly that doing this was a chore, and sleep became more attractive. However, I am very keen to get the Garrison going again so I will gird my Dwarven loins after domestic tasks are complete and start on the journey to L100 and a L3 structure. I'm actually looking forward to playing Shadowmoon again in the anticipation that many of the big issues have been corrected, though the fact that some items in Tanaan are still not textured was met with mild surprise last night.

They'll have it all done by Release, after all.


Drea B said...

I have done the Tanaan opening sequence 6 times now. I have at least two more planned.

It amuses my husband no end because I've been making increasingly snarkier comments at the screen as I go through it.

It needs a skip button. The 'on rails' part isn't so bad, it fits the nature of the story line. But it needs a skip button badly.

kunukia said...

I just did Tanaan for the tenth time. I am just faster at it and still don't mind it. But I have always been ok with farming the same MOBs over and over for something. All the new stuff and Garrison stuff is squee making.