Sunday, July 20, 2014

BETA: Come as You Are

I woke this morning to a tip-off in my Mailbox from a regular reader, who had spotted this message on Blizzard's Customer Services Facebook account... ^^

That was posted 1am UK time (or thereabouts) which translates to teatime Saturday. It also means that Blizzard is starting a media campaign ON A WEEKEND. That might seem a tad odd, but we know that Blizzard are often wont to do stuff when the mood strikes (or indeed when they are on a timer.). It is also perhaps unsurprising on the back of Saturday's announcement that Raid Testing will be beginning on Monday:

Blizzard Devs were actively tweeting and favouriting notable items yesterday too: I suppose they could be at home on their mobile devices but I'd like to think that yesterday was also a work day, especially with an announcement of this significance coming out with such a short lead time. It is apparent these fights have been ready for some time as a result. Many people were speculating that without having seen any raid testing, Blizzard could not reasonably be expected to 'be prepared' to launch Warlords any time soon.

I think we can safely say that the clock really is ticking.


It's not the norm for me to be on Battle State Russet on a Sunday, but I am here, waiting to see what develops on the Blizzard CS Facebook page. Considering what's already transpired in the last 24 hours, I reckon this might be the start of an interesting couple of weeks.

Needless to say, Raiding People, I hope you didn't have anything important planned for the Summer...

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