Monday, July 14, 2014

BETA :: Catch Me if You Can

The second bit of the Tooltip is important in this bit.

Pandaria will be remembered for many things, not all of them great, but undoubtedly the most positive move for anyone wanting to learn a Profession was the understanding that the current levelling system from scratch was, in many cases, unfit for purpose. We saw a new, streamlined system introduced for Blacksmithing that only used the current ore (Ghost Iron) to facilitate the levelling process and although this still took some effort, it was certainly considerably easier than having to dig out obscure items and hope others dropped from mobs so you could level efficiently. It appears that the impetus from this system has transferred to Draenor, with a large number 'Repair Item' spells (see above) having been datamined in the latest Beta build. There's also a possibility you will need the presence of a Salvage Yard or at least one of the relevant Professions buildings to utilise these items, but until we have more abilities 'live' it will be hard to judge.

What this does show is Blizzard are staying good to their word and it appears that ALL Professions are going to get an overhaul, so if you wish to level fast you can do so (though I suspect for many this still won't be fast enough.) I suspect that's where the +5 sill will come into its own, and it will be interesting to see what kind of bind the items to which the spells are linked to will have. If this is similar to the Damaged Necklace for Jewelcrafting that existed in Wrath, for instance, being able to sell it on the Auction House could become quite a lucrative profession all in itself. I'm not sure however I'd dissuade anyone from holding off from levelling in the months leading up to the Expansion, however. If you have the time to do it now, use that opportunity, because you'll want to use your time come Warlords for far more important pursuits :D

Now, look at the first part of the Tooltip :P

However, then there is the issue of what you end up with (because it does state this creates an item for your Garrison) once you've created this spell, which we have discussed in a previous post. There are items in game that begin at white quality and can be progressively upgraded for Garrisons, but we do not as yet know EXACTLY what they are. There is still clearly a couple of steps missing in the equation, especially as new characters are deliberately created with Alchemy and Herbalism at 600. For these, we will have to wait for subsequent builds. My best guess however is that these items could have a chance to become items for your Followers to wear/use, or add to the defence of your Garrison in the event of what we know now will be inevitable attack.

At the rate which new Builds are being applied, we shouldn't have too long to wait to find out.


Crow said...

I was about to say that new characters are created with Alchemy and Skinning, not Herbalism, but that was apparently just an artifact of an older build. Shiny.

kunukia said...

Alchemy and herbalism? I wish. I have made a dozen Hordies, and they all get alchemy and skinning, or, and mining. Grr...