Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Hide Away


As I'm not a massive fan of blowing my own trumpet I thought I'd leave mentioning this until after the event, and as my brain's about as useful as blancmange this morning it seems a perfect opportunity to bring this up. On Saturday night I was asked to act as a 'Guest' on an Open Raid evening where another 24 people helpfully carried my arse we cleared 25 man Throne of Thunder, whilst I answered questions about Warlords. It was a cross between a Podcast interview and a Raid, and proved pretty much conclusively that I am completely unable to talk and raid. For future reference, probably a good idea just to have me signed in on Vent whilst you get 25 competent people to actually raid. However, it was a very interesting evening, insofar as it made me realise just how little information there is 'out there' concerning Garrisons (for instance) and if I can get some knowledge passed out to more people, then it's a job worth doing.

I'd like to publicly take this opportunity to thank Open Raid for having me, for all the guys who looked after me and made me feel at home, and as I'm too scared to watch back I'm going to leave this here and ask everyone else to tell me how awful I was:

I think now it is probably high time to go poke around Beta for a bit...

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