Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Alternative Chat :: Episode 30 ::
(Welcome to the) Hotel World of Warcraft

What a nice surprise!

We've hit 30 episodes (though there's probably more but we stopped keeping accurate records somewhere in the teens) and as a result there's going to go for a bit of a change of online 'format': to match the Blog's trend of song titling it's way to greatness (Thanks Bob!) we're gonna do the same with the Podcast. This time around, it's the 1977 classic from the Eagles. The relevance will become clear as we go along, honest.

This Week, I am Discussing:
  • Being a Comedy Raider and getting pissed off at Moaners.
  • What you can do to prepare for the Expansion.
  • Realistic goals and attainable rewards.
  • Putting your Toons 'to bed' for the expansion.
  • 25 Dailies? Yes I still do it!
  • Garrisons 101 is all about how we got tons of patches and everything went HIGH DEF.

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Other Notes:

The link to my 'Instant Bags for No Dosh' post is here.


As a reminder: nothing next week, then TWO WEEKS OF SUMMER HOMEWORK, then away again until September. See the previous Blog Post for more details.


Bob Flintston said...

Thank you for a wonderful shoehorned rendition of Hotel California, laughing out load with my headphones on.

The last time you mentioned that you were using Song Titles and a thanks to Bob for the idea. I tried looking behind in case you were talking to someone else.

It reminds me of Carly Simon and "You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you"

Is it me or is it someone else? we might never know.

Alternative Chat said...

/National Lottery finger


Thank you for the best idea I ever stole from someone else's blog :D