Wednesday, June 04, 2014



I have two Wildstar Guest Passes to give away as a result of purchasing the game (the third's going to the eldest son who is very keen to play) and because I have no friends IRL I decided I'd use them as giveaways. There's one up for grabs on my Facebook page (if you're comfortable selling yourself to the corporate devil) which is likely to get less publicity than this one, if you're mad keen to win a code, or if you're not a Twitter user. However, if you're just here for the Code, here's the lowdown:


1. Retweet This Tweet:

2. Leave a Comment on This Post.

3. Do the above by Midnight, BST, on Friday, June 6th.

That's all there is to it! Good Luck all!


Calidyn said...

Honestly, I think you online presence deserves the interest anyhow. ;)

Pulseczar said...

Gah. Will have to undo the retweet on my non gamey twitter. Need moar tea!

Tim Bongers said...

Yes, I'm shamelessly entering here as well <3 (@AtalinTheDwarf on Twitter)

Sarolian said...

What Tim Said ;)


Cheryl 'Aoife' said...

/roll to win a guest pass - I've retweeted and liked and posted. :)

marathalbt said...

Oh, just occurred to me, is there an EU US restriction?

Alternative Chat said...

@Mara, I don't think so. I assume the codes are good for everybody. We will see :D

Bob Flintston said...

Oh no! selling my soul to Satan for a guest pass.

Please say there is US restriction after all those competitions on WoW Insider that are only open to USA and Canada.

Phat Lewts said...

I'll bite, gotta check it out at some point I suppose

River said...

I got tiger blood in me, so I'm winning