Sunday, June 01, 2014


Are we there yet?

Yesterday, at least in my Twitter feed, everyone went to Nexus.

Although the game's not open to the 'public' yet, those of us with Early Access to Wildstar were allowed in for a Head Start. As there's pretty much nothing going on in Warcraft (more on that later) of real note it seemed like a good idea to jump in and get myself started on my Granok Exile. I'm going to tank eventually, but for now I'll take any piece of gear I can find. Fortunately for me the game I played in Beta is considerably different from the one I saw last night, and that includes gear drops from mobs. I'm not *quite* sure why I picked the Explorer path (I *hate* jumping) but no matter, it is all good in these early days. The game itself seems considerably more polished than it was in many regards, and I'm now quite keen to roll a Dominion character to see the other starting area experience for balance. Having the same two areas for every faction clearly saves a lot of time and effort on content creation, but I suspect if I roll more than a few characters it is going to get wearing quite fast.

I need a stat guide, STAT!

Last night I made it to level 5 before I logged off. I should apologise to anyone who was in the Circle that @decodingdragons made and I joined, because there was perilously little chatting going on and an awful lot of learning on my part. New systems are still new, even though I've played this part once already, and I am conscious of may things not being natural as yet. I've not even looked at my free perks or the 44 Boom Boxes I have in my Inventory as yet, it's all about learning how to play and not feel like an utter idiot. That is going to take some time, because if there's one thing I'm very particular about, it is learning how to do things well. Don't say I didn't warn you in advance.

As a result of Wildstar's arrival, I'll be doing a weekly update  of my progress in *this* game every Sunday. If it ends up as being *more* than once a week, then Warcraft has something to worry about... ^^


Kadomi said...

Each faction has two starting areas, for a total of four. Two races each share a starting area. Humans/Granok, Aurin/Mordesh, Cassians/Mechari and Chua/Draken.

It will get old eventually, but not quite that fast. Also, different paths in different areas could still be exciting.

Jaedia said...

Not to worry - look forward to chatting with you soon whether in circle.. guild.. Maybe I'll try healing your tanking arse. Could be fun or disastrous. Probably disastrous. Disastrously fun. :D

Alternative Chat said...

@kad Oh rightho. I should probably roll a Mordesh then at some point so I can cover most of the bases :D

Grimmtooth said...

Even those of us with PCs that do NOT meet the minimum criteria were in it. I was surprised mine even ran due to memory issues (I run 32-bit Win, so at least that's an easy fix - Go Win64, get a gig of RAM.)

Naturally you can add me to your friends list via email add if you have it. Guy named Gryymm with a big gun and two pet bots. (cue surprised face)

Erinys said...

Hate jumping.... but but but! Having finally decided that I'm going to buy the game, I'm still stuck on deciding what character to go for. It will however be a few weeks before I'm free to start bouncing on giant mushrooms again.