Monday, June 09, 2014

#WCOW14 :: World in Motion

HUGE SNACKS to @ayligerwolf for the graphic :D

Occasionally, an idea comes to me that I think is SO UTTERLY BRILLIANT I just want to run with it, because it just makes me stupidly happy to see it through to conclusion. Hence it was, this morning, as I wrote my 'This Week' post and realised I am really rather excited for the World Cup, because I am, like it or not, quite a big fan of Football, even though my national side's been a joke for the best part of four decades. I realise this enthusiasm will be for many of you the equivalent of my reaction to Azeroth Choppers, so I'm going to handily tag everything now on with #WCOW14 so you can happily ignore it and carry on about your business.

For everyone else, welcome to one of possibly THE MOST RIDICULOUS ideas I've had for some time.

Tournament Mascot of WIN :D

With Garrosh behind bars, Azeroth has come together in an unprecedented show of unity, and has decided to invite participants from all over the planet (and beyond) to take part in a game of skill, dexterity and hammering leather balls at tiny goals. Race, gender and creed are irrelevant, this is a game where EVERYONE can take part and participate, either Alliance or Horde. The World of Warcraft has united under its many and various Reputation Banners, and the top thirty-two have already been through an exhaustive (and at times quite dangerous) set of World Cup of Azeroth Qualifiers. The remaining 'teams' will begin playing for the newly created title of Azeroth's Top Footballers starting on Thursday, June 12th.

The 'teams' that made it through to the final draw are as follows:

Stormwind (Tournament Hosts)
Gnomeregan Exiles
Thunder Bluff
Darkspear Trolls
Stormpike Guard
Booty Bay
Cenarian Expedition
Lower City
Alliance Vanguard
Explorers League
Knights of the Ebon Blade
Kirin Tor
Sons of Hodir
Silver Covenant
Earthen Ring
Shado Pan
The Tillers
The Anglers
Hydraxian Waterlords
Brood of Nozdormu
Argent Dawn
Darkmoon Faire
Timbermaw Hold

The Official Draw for the Group Stages of the 2014 World Cup of Azeroth will take place on Wednesday, June 11th and we will bring it to you here as soon as it is completed. We'll also provide details on how you can affect the outcome of EVERY GAME PLAYED by voting for your favourite team using Twitter and Facebook.

In the meantime it is time to pick your favourite for the Tournament. We'll be revealing more details as we wind up to proceedings proper, plus there's a good chance we'll sort out some ACTUAL PRIZES for lucky people taking part :D


[PLEASE NOTE: Not affiliated with Blizzard, the ACTUAL World Cup or indeed anything else in case someone comes along and slaps a C&D on me for nicking the idea, because, well you know how these things work. For entertainment purposes only. Filling is hot.]


Paul Smith said...

I have no idea what you're doing, but I'm totally in :)

dobablo said...


The final qualifying game between the Silver Covenant and the Sunreavers was especially bad tempered. Apparently "sudden death" was taken very literally.

Paul Smith said...

And Orgrimmar were knocked out of qualifying in unprecedented fashion by a Rest of the World team...

Cheryl 'Aoife' said...

A brilliant idea indeed! LET THE GAMES BEGIN! or something.

Astalnar said...

Great idea! I'm a bit envious I didn't come up with it myself :D
I'll be cheering for Silvermoon.

marathalbt said...

The Hydraxian Waterlords have always gotten a bad rap for underhanded treatment of those that try to be their biggest fans. I have worked at becoming one of the exalted fanbase with them for many years. Go team go.

Tim Bongers said...

Go Exiles! For Gnomeregan!!!

gipsy danger said...

*breaks out my Silvermoon City jersey and matching beanie and scarf set--all crimson and gold, of course. Bet it even has a wee phoenix embroidered on it xD'

'Shin'do Sin'dorei!' :D

#TeamSilvermoon #WeWillHaveJustice

(I don't even know what I'm doing anymore, and I don't know jack squat about football ;D)

Erinys said...

Think I'm going to have to go for the Sons of Hodir who are bound to have mad ball skills.

Aeovara said...

As soon as I glanced down the teams list I just knew I was going to back Sons of Hodir! I love those guys, one of my fave factions. Go SoH! :D