Tuesday, June 10, 2014

#WCOW14: Spare Me the Details


Because Rules are Important in any sporting endeavour, there will now be a short post to explain how the World Cup of Warcraft will be conducted. As in all things, this Blog will do its utmost to be fair, impartial, and show absolutely no bias towards Dwarves.

All 32 'Reputation Factions' will be split into eight groups, exactly as they are in that other World Cup that's going on, and games will be played simultaneously in a desperate attempt to gain interest via the realm of Social Media. You will be asked to 'vote' for the team you would most like to win in every game (using the wonders of SurveyMonkey, which I hope will be robust enough for the task) , and the 'score' of each game will be decided on the percentage of votes received for each 'team' The results will be placed here at the end of each day's play. I think we'll also need to have some kind of Excel spreadsheet put together for results and Group placings, but now we're getting ahead of the process...

You will be able to vote here on the Website, via Twitter and on Facebook. If I've set it up correctly you should only be able to vote once per medium.

At the end of the Group stage, the top two teams from each Group go forward to the Knockout Stage, where the games will proceed as follows:

28th June:

Winners Group A v Second Place Group B
Winners Group C v Second Place Group D

29th June:
Winners Group B v Second Place Group A
Winners Group D v Second Place Group C

30th June:

Winners Group E v Second Place Group F
Winners Group G v Second Place Group H

1st July:

Winners Group F v Second Place Group E
Winners Group H v Second Place Group G

Quarter Finals (A-D Groups still play each other, as do E-H) take place on the 4th and 5th of July with the Semi Final on the 8th, 3rd place game on the 12th and the Final itself on the 13th. Needless to say, we'll keep you on top of what game happens when just as soon as we've got the Drawn complete and been able to hastily construct a World Cup of Warcraft Wallchart for you to copy onto Parchment and stick to the wall of your Hut on the Tillers Farm.

We'll be back tomorrow with the Draw. In the meantime, see yesterday's post so you can pick your team and start supporting the Reputation Group you want to see lift the trophy :D


Paul Smith said...

Go Team Sporeggar!

hordemaster said...

is it just me or is this group of teams sorely lacking in Horde representation???