Thursday, June 12, 2014


Welcome to the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 World Cup of Warcraft.

Each 'game' of the Campaign will play in 'real time' to coincide with events outside Azeroth (you know what I'm talking about :D) A Poll will appear at the top of this webpage, and will be linked to on Twitter and Facebook.


Vote for the Team you would like to win. 

At the end of 90 minutes the team with the most votes will be awarded the three points for a win. If votes, when tallied, are within 5% of each other, the game will be declared a draw and each team will be awarded one point each.

A full list of Fixtures will be available after the Opening Game is complete, and will be conducted in 'real time' to coincide with the appropriate games in the same groups. We hope to have an online list of results and groups available over the weekend.

Ace Reporter Peristasis of Stormwind (EU) (who can be found on Twitter under the pseudonym @The_Dr0wningman) Is LIVE at the game and will be providing a full match report for us in tomorrow morning's Blog. Make sure you keep an eye out for other reports as we receive them from across Azeroth!

[EDIT: 23:14 BST. The Result is in. Tomorrow's report will be very interesting indeed :D]

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