Friday, June 27, 2014

To Build a Home :: Your Town its a Friday...

Friday is normally when we do our Garrisons feature. Today, we thought we'd explain the latest Alpha Build with pictures.

Welcome to your Alliance Garrison. The gates here are actionable, and I may have spent five minutes on them clicking open and closed, you know, JUST BECAUSE. Needless to say, this place is considerably smaller than the Horde build we saw (which is deliberate, the entire plot has been scaled down for both Factions) but it is no less full of totally AWESOME STUFF.

Let's open the doors and see what's inside, shall we?

Welcome to the modest building which serves as your Barracks. This is the first building you construct, and the blueprints for it are inside the Garrison itself. Finding them and meeting your 'staff' forms part of your introductory series of quests. The Heroes Call board on your left is functional, and will provide you with quests that will reward Garrison Resources, which you'll need for construction as you progress. You'll also note a familiar armour of the Night Elf Watchers. Presumably she's here so there's no trouble ^^

I've had to go back and reroll in anticipation of Beta, so I took you a picture of the plot before the Barracks is built. Note the yellow-edged plans that are your quest item.

Your foreman is a Female Dwarf, an the workers are combination of 100% Stormwind beef and Ironforge grit. However, these men have an intelligent, sensitive side. They play Hearthstone on their breaks, and they're incredibly polite, and won't walk into you at all, I stood and watched them not doing that for AGES, so I know :D

I really ought to give a shout out to Baros Alexston, who Vanilla players will remember was a staple of one of the pre-Cataclysm quest chain in Westfall, and who is your Man in Charge. Needless to say, it is good to see him get out of his office in Stormwind and have some worthwhile employment :D

This is the back of the Garrison, but you can also see the side of the Garrison :D

The Keg of Glory is at the back of this group (read this post from Wow Insider for context), who are all destined to become your followers at some point in time. The guy on the left near the wagon is your Cook, and the two Draenei are here as Alchemy 'specialists' The bloke in the Lumberjack shirt is just loitering.

This modest building is, in fact, your Town Hall, with the Innkeeper outside. Inside is your Mission Specialist (Lieutenant Thorn, who is a Gilnean) who will grant you access to your Garrisons Missions and your Followers menu. If you want more on this, can I suggest my Garrisons Guide. There is also a Mailbox which does not as yet appear to function correctly.

In fact, here she is now. She looks a bit bored, with only the cat for company, plus this building's pretty cramped. BETTER GET GOING with a rebuild then :D

The plot on your left is empty at present, but will contain an Alchemy Building on Alpha shortly as I managed to learn the plans last night. They come from a 'Garrison Support' quest which is clearly marked as such in your Quest Log. Again, more on this later in the Garrisons Blog. Note the Dwarf with the green aura ACTUALLY WORKING.

There is also a space here to the right, but as you can now only build two structures initially in the Level One Barracks, one assumes it's just there for effect. However, NICE PLANKS.

Looking up from your Alchemy Building, that's the Barracks on the right and the Town Hall on the left. The guy looking at the map is clearly lost, or just embarrassed I'm taking his picture and is attempting to act cool.

There is also action outside your walls. This is a cave that you cleared out during your introductory Quest adventures, and it is now safely boarded up because HEALTH AND SAFETY PEOPLE. The Miner on the left has a quest, which I believe will appear when I am no longer 90. I'll be getting on that later today.

There are also areas which will clearly be 'absorbed' as your Garrison structure increases in size, marked ready for use as Building plots. Needless to say, you'll get there eventually. PATIENCE.

If I were a betting woman, I'd say this lady and her tent were related to Pet Battles, but I couldn't possibly confirm anything, because, YOU KNOW IN DEVELOPMENT.

However, this woman I do know, because she was one of the people I didn't kill in Pandaria ^^ Her tent is up by a set of Draenei standing stones in the spot where you originally claim your land FOR THE ALLIANCE, so I'm going to bet that will also be eventually absorbed into your final structure. Needless to say, I think I may have a girl crush on Bodrick Grey BECAUSE REASONS.


There's plenty more to see and do, but because in the time it took me to write this post the Expansion's stopped being in Alpha and is moving to Beta, I'm suddenly behind on pretty much everything ^^ When I have the details, you'll see them here first. I'm going to need a bigger camera :D

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