Friday, June 20, 2014

To Build a Home :: No Milk Today

So, the thing is...

I'd woken up this morning fully expecting to be streaming new Alpha content. Instead:

There's a 'problem' with the new Build...

... and I'll bet this small yet sizeable bag of Gold it will be Garrisons that are causing the problem. This build was trailed as the one that would allow players into Shadowmoon Valley as Alliance, and give us a chance to test the starting experience on the other side of the coin. Heck, Blizzard even gave us a blog post on Shadowmoon yesterday as a way to prepare us for what to expect. What this post gives us at least is the geographical location of our Garrison:

You are here.

This does indeed confirm what I thought yesterday that when the Horde get Bladespire to take as their base, we'll have Karabor to assault and that is probably the best place to approach when I start constructing the Garrison (whenever that may be, hopefully late today.) What else we can expect? Well, that's still very much TBC, but as soon as I have concrete details of ANYTHING new, you can be sure I will report it here.

I am looking forward to having some new information to share with people very soon...

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Kamalia said...

Dagnabbit Godmother, now you've got Herman's Hermits stuck in my head... not that that's a *bad* thing, mind you ;)