Monday, June 16, 2014

This Week, I Will be Mostly :: Who Are You?

BACK OF THE NET! *cough*

It has been a pretty odd week, all told. There has been very little actual game, not nearly enough Alpha and quite possibly TOO MUCH FOOTBALL (yes I KNOW I said I wouldn't mention it again and I won't, you're okay, that's it done now.) This means that this week there should probably be a fair bit of catching up done, but tempered with the fact I need to actually do some stuff to look after myself. I have a health check next week and I feel obliged as a result to at least attempt to be a bit more healthy. Add to this that at the weekend I'm doing a Charity Bike Ride and, well, it's time for the old PRIORITY SWITCHAROO.

Because ultimately, you can't play games if you're not well.

I've also promised a Podcast Guide this week on Garrisons, which means I ought to think about getting around to organising myself for that (think it is going to need to be scripted for obvious reasons.)

This is my Home.

The Website generally could really do with a cleanup, if truth be told. I still have two pieces of Fiction outstanding to complete, quite apart from my personal Novel project which WILL GET FINISHED this week. There is undoubtedly a bit of a lull in game interest generally, but people still like a bit of news and discussion, so you won't have to worry about content, it will still happen. I'd anticipate we may well see a new Alpha Build late this week to boot and if we do, that's an entire new starting zone (mush go copy P to the Test Realm, DO NOT FORGET.) Then I think it high time to write a new bit of the Guide for Between Expansions and to start putting some of my toons to bed.

WHAT did she just say?

This is one of those weeks where, frankly, anything could happen (and probably will) so I'd just keep your eyes on the site. Or on the GIF above, either works :D

[PS: Someone remind me to go rewatch Firefly. Thank you.]

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Tim Bongers said...

Damn, now I have to watch Firefly again as well! ;)