Monday, June 23, 2014

This Week I Will Be Mostly :: If Leaving Me is Easy

Give it a rest, why don't you?

Normally this would be the point where I tell you good people what I'm doing this week. Instead, this will be me finally letting an itch get scratched, because it has come to the point where this is issue is now bothering me enough to actually make the point.

When you cancel your subscription to Warcraft, remember to move on too.

We all know there's no new content coming until 6.0 hits. We're all well aware that this means it's a Summer killing Garrosh repeatedly. It's abundantly apparent that Alpha's being used as a substitute for new content by many people and that's cool, but also remember that when we're doing this for the NEXT Expansion that there are salutary lessons to be learnt about getting your hands on new stuff well before it goes live to the general public. You are, of course, perfectly entitled to announce your departure from the game via any branch of Social Media you care to populate. But remember this important point: once you stop playing, remember to ACTUALLY STOP. Clear the game from your mind, perhaps even uninstall it from your computer. If you fully intend to return to it once some actual new content arrives then constantly moaning that isn't happening yet doesn't actually count as not playing, you know. It will simply annoy people and do you no favours at all.

Trust me on this, especially speaking as someone who remains and still enjoys what she's doing.

Many things to do.

I have many plans for the Summer, and most of them involve playing a game in two forms: not simply the one that will come to pass in Warlords, but the game that remains full of content. YES THERE IS TONS OF CONTENT LEFT. I'll freely admit it isn't the kind of 'engagement' a great many players would consider as worthwhile or indeed worthy of paying for, but it is there and I am yet to complete it, so by definition it remains unplayed. What appears to be lacking in a number of quarters is respect for those who choose to stay, which I find of mounting concern, especially as this is coming from players who clearly will return when new content is playable and who will (presumably) expect to be treated with respect by the players they are currently dissing for paying their money and taking their choice. I should therefore point out that respect is a two way street, and if you're expecting to return, perhaps destroying the game as you exit is no the wisest of choices in hindsight.

Remember, it isn't just you on Social Media. That's where the SOCIAL bit comes in.

For me, there are still an infinite number of possibilities I could list in the next week, but the chances are that with Alpha faffing and Real Life demands (f which there are several this week) that my play time will be restricted to a couple of hours a night. What that meant last night was 10 points on Rookie Pet Crew and this further means that I'll be ensuring that every pet I own is L10 or above by some point in the Summer for Rookie Pet Mob. It is hardly a massive contribution to my Achievement Points total but the fact remains that when you're playing solo (which I do most of the time) anything you can do alone is worthwhile. Perhaps this is why my tolerance for those bemoaning the lack of group content is somewhat lower than normal, I don't know. I think sometimes people tend to forget for the sake of effect just how lucky they infact are, because it makes their complaints even more pointed. I understand, but really, this is just pixels. If it upsets you THAT much then perhaps there are other issues at play that require consideration.

Go enjoy yourself away from Warcraft for a while. I suspect an awful lot of you will be back. If you don't return, then the entire landscape of the game changes forever, and that's absolutely cool, because evolution is part of a process that this game's been involved with since 2004. If you want to moan, try and make it constructive, and remember that the people you leave behind aren't any less worthy than you because they choose to keep playing. They're simply making a choice, just as you have, and theirs is no less important than yours. What matters most of all is if people are happy.

I promise to respect your decision, if you will in turn respect mine. Deal?


Drea B said...

Lovely post, I gree with the sentiment. If you've stopped playing, that's okay but you need to let it go.

marathalbt said...

If we were on Twitter, this is where I would insert the mandatory Frozen "Let it Go" clip.

Excellent points. I do find myself a touch bored, but that is mostly withdraw from the break neck speed content was thrown at us and now settling in to getting things done. This past week 23 of us went and cleared Heroic Firelands 25, it is not something many had even seen on normal 10, let alone Heroic. Some learned that you just don't ignore mechanics no matter how over powered you may be. It was enjoyable and many achievements were had all around. For some, long sought after transmog items and weapons dropped and everyone had an enjoyable evening.

I jumped into Flex wing 3 after a long hiatus from any raiding. Still shows me that raiding in it's current incarnation is not something I enjoy all that much any more. Our raiding team is getting close to having Spoils on normal, but they still have more to go. I still see new people to WoW leveling their first, getting Wrath dungeons, and we all congrats them.

While any others are done with it all, we are still plugging along. Personally I feel that now at this point we are playing it right. Where so many raced and hit walls, and jumped from guild to guild, or raid teams and guilds that fell apart because getting it done as fast as possible meant everything and are now on break when there is still so much to do. Unless a person is sitting on 18,000+ achievment points there is plenty to do in the game, it is just many have become focused on one part, maybe that is part fault of Blizzard steering everyone to one aspect, but, and I will use my best Yoda voice here.

Things to do there are many still, Hmmm.