Monday, June 09, 2014

This Week, I Will Be Mostly :: 500 Days of Summer

 What a difference a Day makes... :D

I logged P last night and realised I'd managed 500 days played. This game really is my first love, you know.

As a result, I spent quite a lot of last week getting excited it is going to get updated.

I am currently a wee bit overwhelmed at the breadth of stuff there is now available for me to indulge in. Quite apart from THAT ALPHA I have various other games I could test in early stages of development (Hexx, Elite) plus my Wildstar character didn't even get a lookin last week. Let's face it, after Wednesday, Warcraft really was the only thing I've been occupied with. I need that to change this week, if only for the sake of my sanity, which means as you read this I'll be in the gym and not hunched over a PC because, frankly, health is the bigger priority. Then I ought to tidy the house a bit as well. What I need to do more importantly than sit down and stream Alpha again is make a hard list of what I know has appeared in the Garrison that I've not listed in my Guide as yet. I spent a couple of hours yesterday gathering intelligence and screenies, now I need to translate that into a coherent plan of action. BECAUSE PLANNING IS EVERYTHING.


I'm currently on a three post a day cycle which I'm hoping I can maintain throughout June. There's enough new stuff to fuel a boatload of discussion topics. I've introduced an occasional series for screenshots (see above) and there's now a lot of knowledge to fuel some more preparation guides. I have a piece of Fiction that I'm going to do my very best to finish today and another with the Beta Reader. Really, there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for top quality, high-octane content. I just gotta stay on top of it all. Fortunately for me there are no other potential distractions this week...


Oh yeah, WORLD CUP THIS WEEK \o/ England's first Group game is Saturday. I'm going to do my best but I warn you, 22 DAYS OF FOOTBALL. Feel free to slap me sideways if I get too carried away, which is more than likely should the National Squad actually turn up and get us past the Group stages ^^ There's a palpable sense of excitement in this household as well, which in itself is a bit of a concern, because whenever we get overenthusiastic about anything major or sporting... Actually, we did that in the Olympics and it all went rather well. Who knows what's going to happen? That's the Amazing World of Football, after all :D

Anyway, don't say I didn't warn you.

PS: Haven't forgotten about Teamfaff Facebook Page. BEAR WITH ME.

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